Volkswagen Polo Facelift, V12 Ferrari, Mercedes EQB and Audi A6 e-tron | Quick News | Autocar India
All your latest news in the two and four wheeler segments, all the new launches and all the big scoops in this week's episode of Autocar India Quick News
0:00 - Introduction
0:32 - 2021 World Car Awards winners
1:26 - Volkswagen Polo facelift unveiled
2:27 - Skoda Octavia India launch delayed
3:07 - Next-gen Skoda Rapid spied
4:01 - Mercedes-Benz EQB showcased
4:54 - Mercedes-Benz C-Class Extended Wheelbase
6:01 - Audi A6 e-tron concept
7:04 - Bajaj Pulsar NS125 launched in India
7:49 - Suzuki Hayabusa India launch details
8:50 - Ola Electric’s Hypercharge network
9:20 - Ferrari’s new V12 supercar
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  • Krishna Vamshi
    Krishna Vamshi

    Any information about the launching of the Hyundai Alcazar and Tata HBX, plz inform me

  • Krishna Vamshi
    Krishna Vamshi

    Thanks for good information of the auto news

  • Ram Yokash
    Ram Yokash

    Will Karoq relaunch in 2021?

  • Deepanshu khatri
    Deepanshu khatri

    Need new polo in India❤️ It will be the hot selling hatchback.

  • Amir shoil
    Amir shoil

    We want this polo to India

  • shubham raj
    shubham raj

    Any update on Honda Forza 300 or 350?

  • Amol raut
    Amol raut

    VW India has lost the game over the years by not rolling new version of polo, they were always half hearted mind set

  • shubham vats
    shubham vats

    EQB looks ugly.

  • Rudin Pattiam
    Rudin Pattiam

    Great video ❣️👌

  • Ninad Lohar
    Ninad Lohar

    for god sake bring VW golf. enough of same polo again and again

  • Sandeev Vijayan
    Sandeev Vijayan

    Damn it's been long since I am waiting to upgrade to the newer Polo. The existing Polo is class, but has become boring now.

  • Arjun Ambarnath
    Arjun Ambarnath

    I just broke my jaw after reacting to the price of that new Ferrari! 😆😆😆

  • drraghul

    EQB has the most undesirable design for an electric vehicle. Looks yuck.

  • Mayank Maximum
    Mayank Maximum

    Bad news and good news vw good Farvari bad

  • k.sidharda ram reddy
    k.sidharda ram reddy

    Why the heck vw is delaying the launch of new generation polo it's ther one of the best sellers in hatchbacks and most awaited one.insted of launching more SUV's, launch the new gen polo to catch more market share.and most important improve after sales service. Because of that they have lost the market share.what to the heck these india heads are planning ?

  • Chetan Makhija
    Chetan Makhija

    3:56 It's will be launched as an replacement for the Octavia as now Octavia is being sold in the range of the Laura. Initially Skoda has Fabia, rapid, Octavia, Laura & superb. Now Laura has been faced out and Octavia price is increased in 22 to 33 lacs considering the V-RS so now it might be a gap filler as the rapid ends at 15 starting at 9. This step could come as honda is playing the customer's mind by keeping the old gen city also available along side the new gen. And pricing band extended widely for the customer to choose. 🙏

  • Kanishka Rana
    Kanishka Rana

    😍 Mercedes Benz C is looking like a classic one.😍😘😀

  • The Novice Gamer
    The Novice Gamer

    We need the 6th generation polo! The 7th generation will most probably have the horrible faulty infotainment system you get with the Golf with which you have to control all the car features, including the AC.

  • Arun Singh Dhaliwal
    Arun Singh Dhaliwal

    EQB looks like Skoda Yeti

  • Som's variety videos
    Som's variety videos

    new skoda Octavia will have cng or not?


    Ferrari V12 superfast. WoW Volkswagen needs to bring the latest polo to India with a Price hike as a premium hatchback. It will be a great success, if it doesn't cut down prices. It should be brought with European quality with premium pricing for a class market

  • Mitesh Sonkusare
    Mitesh Sonkusare


  • Venkata rohil wardhan
    Venkata rohil wardhan

    What about the Ford Mustand Mach E crash test result?

    • Roney Ghosh
      Roney Ghosh

      Its not coming to india so they didn't show

  • 18ECR017 BOOPESH
    18ECR017 BOOPESH

    Will octavia offer 1.5 lit engine with manual? reply autocar india

  • Auto Critic
    Auto Critic

    The polo badly needed an updated... Good to know we will be getting it

    • arun kumar
      arun kumar

      Doesn’t feel great owning a 1.5 year old Ameo 😔

    • manoj periasamy
      manoj periasamy

      We are not going to get it. We will get the next generation car which will come after 2022

    • Vishal Elango
      Vishal Elango

      We get the next generation not the recently released one😟

    • sri mugan
      sri mugan

      Hopefully the new polo has bigger leg space !!

    • Current A f
      Current A f

      Has it been confirmed?

  • Apoorv VKRao
    Apoorv VKRao

    Ferrari ❤️

  • Bhuneshwar


  • Shashank D
    Shashank D

    EQB looked ugly AF

    • Roney Ghosh
      Roney Ghosh

      All EQ models look ugly from the outside except the eqc

  • Sanjai Udaya Sankar
    Sanjai Udaya Sankar


    • manoj periasamy
      manoj periasamy

      We are not going to get it. We will get the next generation car which will come after 2022

  • archith archith
    archith archith

    Hi Cyrus, skoda lauches only petrol 🙁, when is 5 door thar gonna come? Fuel prices are sky rocketing and no hybrids in everything ? Bavish Agarwal -Ola CEO ,please build the factory soon . I expected a range of 250 kms for Ola but only 75kms at 50% ? at aggressive price point on par with ICEs - as I read in forbes april9 20

  • Aryan Jamwal
    Aryan Jamwal

    Really want jimny in india

  • Anant Kumar
    Anant Kumar

    Postponement of Octavia 😭😒

  • Mayank Kumawat
    Mayank Kumawat

    Please share any information regarding upcoming Scorpio and Xuv700.

    • Current A f
      Current A f

      Both are delayed

  • Lian John
    Lian John

    Polo ❤️❤️

  • N Pavan Kumar
    N Pavan Kumar

    Can you please confirm if sonet HTX 1.5 diesel manual gets alloy wheels??

  • d. d e e p
    d. d e e p

    Any update on brezza!!?

  • Head Hunter
    Head Hunter

    VW still selling their old old Polo in India.Where as selling the new new outside.Wonderful.

    • Pramod Kumar
      Pramod Kumar

      Swift/i20 are the latest models and still run on the same old platform, engines. Polo, on the other hand, is still a better proposition. The shape doesn’t matter in cars. Let’s learn this bit:

    • pacific sword
      pacific sword

      Umm this is the third generation it’s happened with. Where were you till now??

  • s ramanujam
    s ramanujam

    Ferrari 812 💙


    Brilliant Discription...Always On Time And always Updatting👍🙏 I Loved Polo new model section and skoda section

  • Ethereal Misconduct
    Ethereal Misconduct

    We need VW to bring their I.D. models to India!!!!

  • Sarath Kaaranat
    Sarath Kaaranat

    They should launch the new polo here. I think it will sell well.

  • Medwinal Caleb
    Medwinal Caleb

    When's the vento facelift?

  • Binvin Babu
    Binvin Babu

    Polo ❤️

  • karthik vinu
    karthik vinu

    polo uyir :)

    • manoj periasamy
      manoj periasamy

      We are not going to get it. We will get the next generation car which will come after 2022

  • Harsh Vardhan Pathak
    Harsh Vardhan Pathak

    First 😂

  • Piyush Kanthak
    Piyush Kanthak

    Guys please tell me from where did you get the Tesla Model X from?

    • Roney Ghosh
      Roney Ghosh

      @Albert Benny he owns model S

    • Albert Benny
      Albert Benny

      Don't know...but Ambani owns one

  • Nrupen C Ravella
    Nrupen C Ravella


  • Tejas Singh /
    Tejas Singh /


  • Dileep Chowdary
    Dileep Chowdary

    Love this one

  • Pawan Gole
    Pawan Gole

    First view and first like... cheers autocar ... 😍😘

    • PKS

      Nope, according to google you are the 56th viewer and according to a third party you are 40th viewer.