Tesla Model X India review - Happy Earth Day! | First Drive | Autocar India
It's official! Tesla is set to debut in India. Shapur Kotwal gives you a taste of things to come with an India drive of the radical Tesla Model X 100D.
#TeslaIndia #GoProIn #GoProHero9Black
Cameraperson: Shreyans Chordia
Editor: Rakesh Sargade
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  • theertha allu
    theertha allu

    I'm waiting car Tesla and price

  • Shashi Kiran
    Shashi Kiran

    1.2 to 1.5 crores

  • Mayank Agarwal
    Mayank Agarwal

    This is actually one of the few true auto specific review of Tesla. Most of the reviews are fanboy reviews and don't talk about suspension, body roll etc

  • Dhruv Maheshwari
    Dhruv Maheshwari

    I know that electric cars are good for environment and in terms of power...........but at what price point they are giving us these cars are really not worth it.

  • iVinnie

    I will use it wen OLA buys it 🤣

  • Sushrut

    Everyone's a gangsta until they hear the price 😂

  • Anushka Shedge
    Anushka Shedge

    What will be the price

  • Naresh K
    Naresh K

    1.5Cr. LOL

  • Tushar Upadhyay
    Tushar Upadhyay

    It looks like Sedan not an SUV

  • Argon David
    Argon David

    Wow. Hope Govt. helps reduce taxes on the vehicle.

  • Anish Shinde
    Anish Shinde

    0:57 "I have to say someone at Tesla has a great sense of humour " - That Would Be Elon Musk

  • Gopal Krishnan U.K
    Gopal Krishnan U.K

    Price too much

  • dhruv 1945
    dhruv 1945

    Surat ❤️

  • KrATos Wish
    KrATos Wish

    it will took another 50 years to get proper electric cars in India


    Lol why so expensive in india

  • ragu ragavendar
    ragu ragavendar

    In india tesla cars 🚗. 1.5 cr😝

  • Tejas Sharma
    Tejas Sharma

    Bro go get an Q8

  • Nirmal Justin
    Nirmal Justin

    I heard they're working on a hatchback

  • John Joseph
    John Joseph

    amazing review shapur !

  • Prem Gajwani
    Prem Gajwani

    Who else wants tesla hatchback under 10L?

  • shasha

    cant imagine the stickers in tesla if they launch in India XD

  • SkilPye

    finally its coming

  • ashish sachdeva
    ashish sachdeva

    1.5 Cr electric...fuel saving car for those who own petrol pumps...🖕😃


    What is the cost ??

  • Rk Mohapatra
    Rk Mohapatra

    Expected price?


    I need an hybrid Tesla car.

  • Harsh Vardhan
    Harsh Vardhan

    Does the auto pilot knows the shortcut in india, which ain't one Google maps


    You are lucky man to test drive this model one I will buy this type of electric super car but Indian made like Tata Mahindra etc thanks



  • Fayaz Ahamed
    Fayaz Ahamed

    White kajal ah😂😂

  • Jijakshyu Nandan Singh Dharua
    Jijakshyu Nandan Singh Dharua

    New Punjabi music videos be like,,, - Mennu Tesla len de.. - kudi menu kehndi mennu Tesla lende soniyaa, mein kah na goriya.. - Tere liyon laya mein Tesla. Etc.. 😆😆😆😆

  • Akshay Suthar
    Akshay Suthar

    Any supercharger here

  • Blac jak
    Blac jak

    Mileage kitna deti hai bhai ? 🙄

  • John Davidson
    John Davidson

    0:44 The celebration mode on the Tesla Model X reminds me of my younger cousin brothers RC Tesla toy that he got on his birthday.😂😂🤣🤣.

  • Prem.G .Gaikwad
    Prem.G .Gaikwad

    1.5 crore on car no thank you sir. But thumbs up for the review.

  • mritunjai11

    The excitement shattered right when he said that the expected price is 1.5 cr 😞

  • Sarabjeet singh
    Sarabjeet singh

    Every punjabi after buying tesla be like:: "Oo Tesla truck baliye nawa tere lai liaya m kda ke"😂😂......

  • Your Father
    Your Father

    0:58 that someone is non other than Elon musk , ♥️

  • aventador gallardo
    aventador gallardo

    just wait for the repairs you will be cussing tesla

  • Aakash Rao
    Aakash Rao

    The best clip was driving Tesla in front of Toyota showroom

  • Tejas Kesharwani
    Tejas Kesharwani

    If they somehow manage it in under 50 lakh it would be great hit

  • Harsh PANDEY
    Harsh PANDEY

    'Someone has a great sense of humor'. It's Elon

  • Raj Yadav
    Raj Yadav

    Ohhhh this video is gonna blowww uupppp

  • Vickram Baval
    Vickram Baval

    So what else I get in 1.5 cr ? I guess a lot more than ever before

  • sharath chandra
    sharath chandra

    If we are that desperate to reduce pollution We can buy Tata Nexon EV instead of spending 1.2-1.5 Cr on this model

  • Mohnish G
    Mohnish G

    Ahh yeah! Been waiting for this for a long time! Do a Model 3 and model Y review too please?

  • k Vishnu
    k Vishnu

    My question why I will buy this around 59 Lakh

  • arani sen
    arani sen

    In what way is this an SUV?

  • Babu Moshaaye
    Babu Moshaaye

    autopilot mode please,!

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper

    Cambodia 🇰🇭 India 🇮🇳 both have Tesla coming soon

  • Shoaib Syedain
    Shoaib Syedain

    I want to see the autopilot work in Chandni Chowk! 😂

  • Gp Huntman
    Gp Huntman

    Surat !!!

  • pranjal

    For thosse who care abt high petrol prices tata nexon ev is the thing!

  • amu u
    amu u

    1 cr car😂omg

  • amu u
    amu u

    6 seater?

  • Anik

    1.5cr that's too much lmao 30L40L will be nice to have with starting category tesla model 3

  • Dipak Kuchhadiya
    Dipak Kuchhadiya

    I like it 👌🏻

  • Vishnu Priyatham
    Vishnu Priyatham

    GoI should come to Buyer's Rescue with FAME

  • sai kumar
    sai kumar

    Does model x have auto pilot mode

  • Aditya Mondal
    Aditya Mondal

    This car is so impractical for Indian roads. The ground clearance isn't much. The falcon doors will be a pain in the arse in busy streets. I guess the big panoramic windscreen will heat up the car alot in most states of India.

  • Jinendra Shah
    Jinendra Shah

    White Kajal? Really? 👽

  • Abhiram Madhu
    Abhiram Madhu

    Tesla is the Apple of cars when it comes to India

  • Swagat Patra
    Swagat Patra

    Won't that big tablet be a big distraction while Driving? Also the panoramic roof seems to merge with the windshield? What about protection from sun?

  • Neel Javia
    Neel Javia

    Unfortunately autopilot would be limited to Highways and few city street features, because our government banned Self Driving Cars.

  • Maky

    As fantastically advanced Tesla is at EVs... 1.5cr for this over a similarly priced S-Class or I should say down the line.. EQS? They are firmly relegating themselves to the niche category. A niche or a niche.... perhaps thats what they want?... be an Electric Skoda on steroids.

  • Sibtain Raza
    Sibtain Raza

    Why some one Mr Elon himself is a Humour machine

  • Arjun Mittal
    Arjun Mittal

    Not worth more than 43.87 lakhs on road.

  • Shivam

    The Interiors are like of a car someone built in their backyard

  • Narola Bhavesh
    Narola Bhavesh

    Are you in Dholakiya farm am I right?

  • Kunal joshi
    Kunal joshi

    The import duty just doubles up the price, so there is no point buying this great invention, as of now

  • anant tyagi
    anant tyagi

    1.5 crore ho gaya kharab mood nhi leni ab meine lol

  • AK Among Us
    AK Among Us

    Test the model 3 long range

  • Ibrahim Jubayer
    Ibrahim Jubayer

    The celebration 🎉 mode is amazing 😻


    Looks very cheep quality

  • inderjeet Kour
    inderjeet Kour

    My uncle has Tesla model 3 back in states.

  • Gautam


  • Rick Miranda
    Rick Miranda

    The front section goes up when it accelerates which puts more wear and tear on the rear tire. Now I understand why my Model S' performance 21' turbine wheel tire has a smaller tire in the front and bigger one on the rear. I can't rotate them due to difference in size

  • #SushantWasMurdered #JusticeForSSR
    #SushantWasMurdered #JusticeForSSR

    Does any Tesla has info in instru cluster about Distance to empty or Distance to cover for charging remaining in battery in real time?

  • Kaartikey Dubey
    Kaartikey Dubey

    Awesome car

  • trellowave

    White kajal🤣🤣

  • Prakash Kd
    Prakash Kd

    If Tesla model X P100D can do 0-60 in 2.69 sec then how would the new gen roadsters Triple motor Or plaid + will perform in 0-69 .I heard that 2nd gen roadster will do 0-60 in less than 2.9sec

  • Dinesh Selvaraj
    Dinesh Selvaraj

    I wish Tamil Nadu Government takes extra effort to bring Tesla motors to chennai. Come on Chennai 'The Detroit of Asia'

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh

    Whats the procedure to get in India now

  • Raghavendra p
    Raghavendra p

    I will buy Tata electric car and flat Remaining money will invest in mutual fund

  • Adityan Shanker
    Adityan Shanker

    That's an SUV? I thought it was a coupe like sedan

  • shiji eldho
    shiji eldho

    "The art of Elon Musk" In the name of the Innovative Legend Nikola Tesla ⚡

  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez

    Is there going to be a better looking and reasonably priced version with a Diesel engine?😁😁

  • Paul Jamatia
    Paul Jamatia

    It's better to buy super cars with that much of money.

  • A҉p҉p҉u҉

    i prefer the landscape infotainment screen on the 2021 model over this 2018 model

  • Manas Bothara
    Manas Bothara

    Minimalistic tech delight

  • Aditya Vikram Nihlani
    Aditya Vikram Nihlani

    The interiors are worse than Toyota


    Is it launched in India I mean ready to buy in showroom

  • HRM


  • Gurjot Singh
    Gurjot Singh

    1.5 crore? I think majority of the Indians are going to stick with the petrol powered cars which are priced way less than this..

  • mohammad yahya
    mohammad yahya

    Imagine what model 3 plaid plus will do on our indian roads (0-97km in 1.99seconds)

  • Harshit Bhangre
    Harshit Bhangre

    If elon must got succeed to autopilot Tesla in India he can probably autopilot it to Mars ;)

  • Dr. Jaspreet singh
    Dr. Jaspreet singh

    1.5 crore wow what stupidity , when indians can't afford a Lamborghini , selling it for 1.5 crore , I mean electric cars should be a part to reduce emissions and it's only for the elite wow ....

  • Manish Gaonkar
    Manish Gaonkar

    Your just killing it

  • Shubham Uchaval
    Shubham Uchaval

    Tesla is my dream

  • mr lucifer
    mr lucifer

    Too expensive