Nissan Magnite vs Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza - SUVFM! | Comparison | Autocar India
The Nissan Magnite plays the value card extremely well but how does the upstart fare against the compact SUV segment best-seller, the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza? Gavin d'Souza brings the automatic versions of the two Japanese rivals together.
0:00 - Introduction
1:40 - Magnite vs Brezza: dimensions and design
3:12 - Magnite vs Brezza: interior
5:08 - Magnite vs Brezza: features
5:42 - Magnite vs Brezza: safety
6:15 - Magnite vs Brezza: space and rear seat
7:25 - Magnite vs Brezza: boot space
7:40 - Magnite vs Brezza: performance
14:32 - Magnite vs Brezza: verdict
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  • Vishnu Santhosh
    Vishnu Santhosh

    Booking period is high for magnite

  • Home Construction
    Home Construction

    Brezza ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    is he the only guy who has reviewed a lambo, audi and also a magnite, breeza...???

  • Rouble Pius
    Rouble Pius

    Vitara brezza

  • Aashi

    Magnite without a second thought.

  • pravin murthy
    pravin murthy

    Being a Nexon owner.. The Magnite esp in this Blue has the best looking exteriors for a Compact SUV in the country today ❤️

  • R A J A T R A T T A
    R A J A T R A T T A

    Cancelled magnite nd booked Toyota urban cruiser.. go for safety+ reliability.. nissan cabin quality is low.. nd engine is not tht much great.. u cn never compare a 3 cylinder engine with the 4 cylinder.. engine is the heart of a vehicle n plays a major role.. and u all knw about the brand value of nissan.. if u want features go for nissan.. if u want.. reliability, better after sale service and gud resale value and a car with practical features go for other brands.. avoid nissan if possible. Engine is shakky and they are doing R&D directly on customers.. n future of nissan in india is also a sign of concern.

  • Shivaji Vythilingam
    Shivaji Vythilingam

    Brezza looks aged ...

  • Pravin Patil
    Pravin Patil

    a perfect comparison test for common man who run for brezza

  • ankit verma
    ankit verma

    Brezza is good with 4 star rating

  • nishant kathuria
    nishant kathuria

    Cabin feel in brezza👎

  • Anuj Oberoi
    Anuj Oberoi

    It's not legit to compare a legend like Brezza with a flimsy Magnite. It's like comparing SRK with KRK.

  • Raviraj Pawar
    Raviraj Pawar

    Good to see you including the safety ratings in the review.. Majority of the Indians need to focus more on safety on the vehicle before buying it..

  • Vishnu Pillai
    Vishnu Pillai

    Magnite is nothing but a Datsun hatchback enlarged to look like SUV..Meanwhile Brezza is Vitara stripped down to sub 4 meter car..So when it comes to looks Brezza with its 5 year old design looks more matured as an SUV..Also Magnite engine is not comparable to the 1.5 liter 4 cylinder NA engine of Brezza as it's more refined and reliable..

    • Its_EVANDER

      Yes ...and that one point is enough to make a decision in favour of Maruti

  • Monster Rider
    Monster Rider

    Nissan dealers hard to find

  • Subhrojit Kar
    Subhrojit Kar

    Brezza is better of the two big time. Ride quality is superb

  • Vinu P
    Vinu P

    I like both of the cars

  • PB

    Grey and orange is a good color combination. Is it available in Toyota urban cruiser?



  • Mystic Matrix
    Mystic Matrix

    Bought Nissan Magnite Xv premium CVT.

    • Bridgette Klein
      Bridgette Klein

      How is the driving experience?

  • Amaresh Hegde
    Amaresh Hegde


  • fun game
    fun game

    Magnite 😍😍

  • Vikram Venkatesh
    Vikram Venkatesh

    Any chances of getting an Hyundai Santro Sportz AMT review, the facelift version and possibly compare it with the Tata Tiago XZA variant?

  • jasmeet bal
    jasmeet bal

    Breeza ❤️

  • ThoughtfulTelugu

    Good comparison, ❤️ from Hyderabad... To be frank, 195 section tyres are also good enough I thought 😀

  • MusicHungry

    Awesome review. Never got bored

  • Joe Sachin
    Joe Sachin

    Need Magnite Vs Kiger

  • Sai Mahesh Nbh
    Sai Mahesh Nbh

    Nissan - Looks stylish than brezza

  • Chandra sekhar
    Chandra sekhar


  • Krishna Chaitanya
    Krishna Chaitanya

    Please add Safety rating for all the Cars you review. That’s very relevant for a buyer. Thank you!

    • Nikhil Bhatia
      Nikhil Bhatia

      5:43 :-)

  • V J
    V J

    service and dealer network is the only reason people would refrain from buying the Magnite


      No, brezza is light years ahead than magnite in every single aspect, not just service centre

  • Rajini prasad
    Rajini prasad

    Guys pls Suggest me Which SUV automatic car is best to buy..

    • Mr toppiston head
      Mr toppiston head

      I would definitely suggest Hyundai Creta. If you are looking for a compact SUV then you can go for Hyundai Venue.

  • Ashish Gaur
    Ashish Gaur

    Give maruti a Bugatti engine. They can detune it to 90 hp and a mileage of 30kmpl. Brezza is a good product but an outdated interior and gearbox is a deal breaker.

    • Mr toppiston head
      Mr toppiston head

      Yeah man it so not up market, same dull interior design and nothing really good about it besides its quite spacious I have also put it in very down it the my list best compact SUVs

  • Dolsten De souza
    Dolsten De souza

    🤢Vitara’s ancient autobox! Magnite 👍🏼

  • Rajesh Chetty
    Rajesh Chetty

    A nissan with a turbo charged 3cylinder just under 1000cc jatco driven CVT. Im not gonna hold my breath on the reliability and repair bills 💀😆

  • Senthil S Senthil S
    Senthil S Senthil S

    BMW x5 m50i review

  • Manny Subramanian
    Manny Subramanian

    But Magnite has a 8 month waiting period vs. 2 months for Brezza. For a base model comparision, Magnite is cheaper but has only a 1.0 lit. engine vs 1.5 lit. in Brezza. For hill climbs Brezza base model has more power. Also Maruti has more service network. Long term reliability of Magnite is not proven yet.

  • Md SS
    Md SS

    Breeza is outdated car and it looks the same which launched years ago....

  • m Chaudhary
    m Chaudhary


  • Syed Qaiser Abbas
    Syed Qaiser Abbas

    Im planning to buy brezza and will surely get the rims and tyres changed to a higher size along with an aftermarket front grille and im sure it's gonna look dope .

  • Yash Cuncolcar
    Yash Cuncolcar

    I would rather choose the CVT than 4 speed AT

  • Jaibir Singh
    Jaibir Singh


  • Joshi R
    Joshi R

    I own a Venue 2019 Diesel, Yet I feel Brezza looks a True SUV... Also no one has been able to dethrone Brezza although a Old Wine now...

  • Dev Singh
    Dev Singh


  • Sushant Lamba
    Sushant Lamba

    This blue color is looking ugly on magnite.. Black looks great.

  • Ayan Chatterjee
    Ayan Chatterjee

    Planning to buy ertiga for family purpose. The variant I am looking for is ZXi/ ZXi AMT. Which one will I consider? This will be my first car. Is it good to buy an automatic with 4 gear only? Mostly will use in City. Please help me on this.

  • pradeep kumar
    pradeep kumar

    Don't compare Honda's VTEC with both these engine...,😂😂

  • rishi kapoor
    rishi kapoor

    Competition has heated up so much it's literally smoking in the background 0:45

  • Adusumilli Vijay Brahmesh
    Adusumilli Vijay Brahmesh

    Reliable Brezza 🤩

  • Ravi Shekhar
    Ravi Shekhar

    Nissan magnite is better pick, more ground clearance, turbo petrol engine, 360 parking camera is on offer is much much better pricing

  • Debajit B
    Debajit B

    I'd buy the Brezza with the Magnite's outer shell and dashboard. 😜😜

  • Tanmaya Mathpal
    Tanmaya Mathpal

    can you please do a review on (new)kwid vs (new)alto vs s-presso vs (new)redi-go please.

  • Pradeep Dorai
    Pradeep Dorai

    Nissan has really taken the game forward with the pricing and the features for the price. Something what MG did a couple of years back.

  • Darshan B Gowda
    Darshan B Gowda

    I would buy the Nissan for my money

    • Mr toppiston head
      Mr toppiston head

      It not just you, this car has 50000 booking, it is really a good value for money car

  • Mehul Pant
    Mehul Pant

    Well, I’ll stick with the original daddy: - Ecosport.

  • Ritwik Khodke
    Ritwik Khodke

    I would still go with Brezza 🔥

  • Kalachar

    Guys Nissan has done it. Nissan made a car which is lighter than Suzuki by 100 kilos in the same segment. OMG 😂

    • Sosa Will Duma
      Sosa Will Duma

      Is that a good thing? maybe the build quality was compromised?

  • harsha okin
    harsha okin

    brezza sold like crazy. MS thought they made a great car 😂😂😂😂

  • dandi man
    dandi man

    Review all the compact suv's or pit renault kiger with the other high selling compact suv

  • Rathish Nair
    Rathish Nair

    U did look like u were driving a sports car in magnite :-). Nissan has a winner ! Waiting for ncap crash test!

    • Mr toppiston head
      Mr toppiston head

      Nissan Magnite received a 4-star rating in the recently concluded ASEAN NCAP crash tests.

    • Roadies Gurugrammer
      Roadies Gurugrammer

      ASEAN NCAP has given magnite 4 stars. Global NCAP results awaited

  • Manu Manu
    Manu Manu

    Renult kiger is there

  • Abdul Lateef
    Abdul Lateef

    Nissan is back sale in victory in India kicks

  • priyam joshi
    priyam joshi

    Better to buy Nexon or Ecosport.

    • Mr toppiston head
      Mr toppiston head

      These both are really good option

  • Chetan Makhija
    Chetan Makhija

    I'm awaiting for the 2 siblings comparison magnite vs kiger

  • Harikrishnan Sp
    Harikrishnan Sp

    Nissan all the way. Brezza is too old. Desperately needs a generation change and a turbo petrol engine.

  • Paradox

    Tried and tested vitara always

  • David Barman
    David Barman

    Nissan did a wonderful job this time.

  • DarkGenesis So2
    DarkGenesis So2

    Id take the Magnite just because of its looks.. it looks amazing!!!

  • Shubham Goyal
    Shubham Goyal

    between these two I pick brezza..

  • RR

    somehow brezza has that SUV look

  • Baljeet Singh
    Baljeet Singh

    Nissan for sure ....

  • Sachin Jasrotia
    Sachin Jasrotia

    Pls make a complete video on Tata Nexon of 2021 regarding following Contents:- 1.Extended Warranty 2.AMC Gold 3.Which one is Best Show-room accessories/ After Market ? 4.How does PDI ? 5.Best Infotainment system. I have also book a XM variant.

  • Midhun 16
    Midhun 16

    Magnite value for money

  • Rukunudin A
    Rukunudin A

    Agree their is no doubt about nissan make and design and features, build quality. But still brezza is born through maruthi suzuki india largest service center with 1.5 engineering

  • Mohammed Yasin Marfani
    Mohammed Yasin Marfani

    Magnite and kiger are very for money cars

  • Sahil

    what about kia sonet and xuv300

  • S P
    S P

    Nissan has no sales and service backup, not only nissan except hyundai all are same... That is why maruti suzuki takes advantage of...

  • Abhirr. V.P.
    Abhirr. V.P.

    Gavin's reviews are the best in Autocar. Nice work man!

    • RAIHAN

      Hey u can't leave Renuka kirpalani behind!!

  • Mohammad Abdul Azeemuddin
    Mohammad Abdul Azeemuddin

    Magnite of course will be a game changer, unless until they provide good service and spare parts. Even though Maruti has a huge network in their service and spare parts that's an add up for them. If you take the secanrio of kia there service centers are sparse and people travelling to other cities for their vehicle parts. Hope that nissan will expand their showrooms as well as their services and spare parts.

  • Akash Ngangom
    Akash Ngangom

    Brezza ofcourse

  • blue280485

    Magnite would be my pick if I was in the market for an Automatic Sub-4 SUV under 11 lakh , Magnite XV Premium Turbo CVT gives full fledged safety plus useful features 👏👌👍😊


    I always love to watch Gavin's review.

  • sumit gupta
    sumit gupta


  • Pratik Patil
    Pratik Patil

    Brezza looks outdated now...

  • krishnan srinivasan
    krishnan srinivasan

    Awesome & Thanks :)

  • Alok singh
    Alok singh

    Don't go with Nissan Magnite. Booked from Pal Nissan but yet not delivered so going to be cancel my booking. They want only booking not delivery on time. Don't go with Nissan. At the time of booking service is worst so what will i do at the time of service & claim.....

  • nitin karole
    nitin karole

    Great review 👌👌😊

  • Stories That Matter
    Stories That Matter

    The maruti is a 100 kgs heavier, never thought I'd hear that in my lifetime.

    • Aftaab ignatious
      Aftaab ignatious

      That means you are new to automobiles. Back in 2011 when Toyota launched Etios Liva with 890kg, 70kg lesser than 2nd Gen Swift, no one questioned Toyota or trolled, haters didn't even know about this. When Maruti did the same thing everybody trolled, when successful manufacturers do something everybody notices that's the thing..Etios liva is 15kg lighter than current Swift.

    • Larsen J
      Larsen J

      Appreciate your sense of humor :)

    • RAIHAN

      It's like classmates from the same class making fun of the heavier one😅

    • exploration core
      exploration core

      is it so?

    • ARVIND Rajamanohar
      ARVIND Rajamanohar

      You nailed it with your comment .. lol.. May be its because of the engine 1.5 🤣

  • Sunil says and does stuff
    Sunil says and does stuff

    When it comes to these two cars, it's not really the cars pitted against each other but the companies ownership experiences.

  • Vineesh Tiruveedula
    Vineesh Tiruveedula

    3 cyl is boring

  • Shihad Saifudheen
    Shihad Saifudheen

    Magnite simply looks too good. 🔥

  • siva kumar reddy Chevva
    siva kumar reddy Chevva

    Hi autocar.... Gavin promised to get the comparison of compass, t-roc and karoq long time ago. Pls upload if already shooted it, eagerly waiting 🙏

  • chaitanya kiran
    chaitanya kiran

    Definitely magnite.

  • Sarthak Shewale
    Sarthak Shewale

    Please do full segment comparison including Venue, Ecosport etc

  • s ramanujam
    s ramanujam

    Nissan magnite for sure, Maruti might be the leading car sales but it's cars ain't innovative or fun to drive

  • Yiannis Hayabusa
    Yiannis Hayabusa

    SUPERB ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Channel This!
    Channel This!

    Whichever way I look at it, the whole front design of Magnite reminds me of it’s budget sister brand - Datsun. Rather looks like a cheap chinese toy. Nissan should have done the styling themselves, instead of leaving it to the Datsun team. That my friends could have been a game changer! 🔥

  • RKS productions
    RKS productions

    Magnite is good value for money 💸

  • alti prasanth
    alti prasanth


  • Salil Anjalkar
    Salil Anjalkar

    Certainly will choose #TataNexon #Nexon