New Honda Civic, IN registration series, 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa prices | Quick News | Autocar India
All the latest launches, news and scoops in the automobile world in India and around the world on this weeks episode of Autocar India Quick News
0:00 - Introduction
0:31 - Kia India gets a rebrand
1:28 - MoRTH proposes new IN registration series
2:17 - New Honda Civic
3:29 - Hyundai Kona N
4:30 - Renault to introduce 180kph speed limits
5:04 - Aprilia SXR125 prices
5:46 - 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa prices announced
6:30 - Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 prices announced
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  • sunil kulkarni
    sunil kulkarni

    Team, do you have any update regarding Honda Forza launch in INDIA? Please update

    • sunil kulkarni
      sunil kulkarni

      Keep us notified please upon Forza

  • Dan Cherian
    Dan Cherian

    Absolutely love the in registration... Makes more sense..

  • Vishwanath Deshpande
    Vishwanath Deshpande

    IN registration should be online or every 2 years we will have to roam around rto office leaving all our duties and helping rto official to fill there pockets with illegal black money

  • kunal meena
    kunal meena

    Did they really work on civics design or took the look from their family Acura.

  • Abhishu Singh
    Abhishu Singh

    But didn't Harley exit India? Then why are they launching bike?

  • rao siddharth
    rao siddharth

    Saw that logo on extra throttle house review of kia stinger

  • Mayank Maximum
    Mayank Maximum

    No civic coupe = crx back

  • Ashutosh Gupta
    Ashutosh Gupta


  • KR 92
    KR 92

    The civic looks very A4ish

  • manan trivedi
    manan trivedi

    Is there any chance to have IN registration series in super bikes ??


    Civic ❤️

  • Rithin Shaiju
    Rithin Shaiju

    Hayabusa 😁😁

  • Geetikantha Das
    Geetikantha Das

    What they have done with the CIVIC 😭🤬

  • Arun Singh Dhaliwal
    Arun Singh Dhaliwal

    Frankly speaking, the old Kia logo is much better than the new one.

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar

    New alto launch date

  • AMIR Khan
    AMIR Khan

    Who all think The Present Civic Is Better Than The New One

  • Malhar Deole
    Malhar Deole

    No news on New ISUZU vcross?

  • Krishna Vamshi
    Krishna Vamshi

    Hyundai Kona N looking just like mini Harrier and legend Safari cars, I love that design, or Hyundai is tieing with Tata cars.

  • susan thomas
    susan thomas

    The front lights looks like something from a Toyota and the grill looks like something from vw

  • Rajath KR
    Rajath KR

    When can v expect a hot hatch from Kia 🇮🇳

  • Pinak Pani
    Pinak Pani

    Happy LABOUR Day

  • aesean

    New registration process is much needed step.

  • Ganapathy Subramanian
    Ganapathy Subramanian

    The new civic’s front looks like the new c8 corvette

  • Shubham Goel
    Shubham Goel

    It’s very important to standardise the number plates, there have been I instances where people harasse the car owners of different state registration plates, for instance goans harassing MH number registration plates.

  • Deepak Srinivasan
    Deepak Srinivasan

    The present Civic in india is better than this! Bad looking! New generations Honda cars are ugly

  • Deadly Killers YT
    Deadly Killers YT

    Civic 🥰


    Any update on civic in INDIA getting a diesel engine or maybe a turbo diesel unit!?

  • karthick Subramanian
    karthick Subramanian

    Altroz xe rhythm or nexon xe petrol which one should i go?

  • Kanan Raval
    Kanan Raval

    If fuel price is coming low then many indian driving enthusiasts can enjoy this modern automotive world products...

  • m Joshi
    m Joshi

    Good work

  • Ashwani Bindroo
    Ashwani Bindroo

    Hi guys Any expected Launch date for royal Enfield 650 cruiser

  • Srinivasa Rao
    Srinivasa Rao

    I am addicted yor quick news on ever week. 🙂

  • Mohd Meezan
    Mohd Meezan

    This week auto news is too hot🔥

  • Yohaan Sunny
    Yohaan Sunny

    Honda has ruined the Civic 😔

  • robisson willard
    robisson willard


  • N.P.S Negi
    N.P.S Negi

    Americans messed with Germans during World War and now Germans are messing with them using flat 6.

  • Ramakrishnan Balaji
    Ramakrishnan Balaji

    Much love

  • Venkatesh Shinde
    Venkatesh Shinde

    Can anyone see the" kona" is looking like the mixture of lamborghini (urus) and tata harrier.😏😏🤣

  • Amish5924

    0 to 100 in 5.5 seconds is really good!

  • d d9
    d d9

    Love your style and how knowledgeable you are. Would be great if you guys can update on what's happening with Great Wall Motors. And if they are coming in anytime soon

  • esrarali wasim akram
    esrarali wasim akram

    ❤️ from vijayawada, A.P

  • Bhavesh Patil
    Bhavesh Patil



    Honda civic 11th Gen😍

  • ashish sachdeva
    ashish sachdeva

    The S is Honda stands for Sexy Design

  • ashish sachdeva
    ashish sachdeva

    Honda Cars going uglier gen by gen...

    • Allen Issac
      Allen Issac

      Amen to that

  • Vikas Vicky
    Vikas Vicky

    Love from Hyderabad

  • Thrivikram Car enthusiast
    Thrivikram Car enthusiast

    I hope autocar India team is safe in their homes😁

  • Amol Taigade
    Amol Taigade

    Autocad india is Best❤️ all Genuine news👍

  • Sabari Kow
    Sabari Kow