Most fun bikes on track with Rajini Krishnan | Track Day 2021 | Autocar India
We're back at the Madras Motor Race Track with the most fun bikes (and electric scooter!) of 2020. Race ace Rajini Krishnan is the man under the racing suit. Let the lap times roll in at Autocar Track Day 2021!
0:00 - Introduction
0:49 - Rajini Krishnan
1:19 - The class of 2020
1:31 - Ather 450X
2:34 - Honda Hornet 2.0
3:34 - Bajaj Dominar 250
4:28 - Suzuki Gixxeer SF250
5:50 - 2020 BMW G 310 R
7:01 - BMW F 900 R
8:19 - Ducati Multistrada 950S
9:37 - 2020 Triumph Street Triple RS
10:54 - Ducati Panigale V2
12:10 - Bump ahead
#TrackDay2021 #GoProIndia #GoProHero9Black
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  • Hemant Kharkongor
    Hemant Kharkongor

    He is so talented and humble ...🙏

  • Barath g
    Barath g

    Best Indian racer till date with all the bikes

  • Aniket Pal
    Aniket Pal

    Would love to see BMW M1000RR on the next track day.

  • milind shinde
    milind shinde

    We missed the Ninja 650 too, hope next time you may include it.

  • Anji Mito
    Anji Mito

    Review of (nought tea) re 650cc by rajni plz🙂

  • K P S GILL
    K P S GILL

    that pose of rajni sir on scooter 😂😁🤣

  • chethan s
    chethan s

    Can some please share an URL for complete 60 bikes Autocar india Leader board list.. Thanks in advance 😊

    • Autocar India
      Autocar India

      Here you go!

  • Phoxico


  • Dhiraj Chavan
    Dhiraj Chavan

    where is z900???

  • Throttle Cracker
    Throttle Cracker

    Rajini sir #teamracr big fan 🙏🏽

  • Pranav Anand
    Pranav Anand

    How fast is that 2018 Street Triple RS!? My goodness. What a potent track weapon.

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar

    Can you list the complete list of bike timings on that track?..all the 60 bikes?

  • Aswin JP
    Aswin JP

    Ninja 300 took lesser time than BMW F900R and Multistrada 950S

  • Aswin JP
    Aswin JP

    Where is RE GT650?

  • Mani deep
    Mani deep

    Which is the fastest bike at MMRT I wonder ?


    Very good comparison.

  • Venkat Ramana
    Venkat Ramana

    Silent killer. Enga thalaiku kusumba paatheengala

  • Ganesh kamat
    Ganesh kamat

    new s1000 rr ? would have broken few records

  • D 30 Teli Anuj
    D 30 Teli Anuj

    Should have taken the ultraviolette electric bike It’s a lot faster

  • Shriram Saravana
    Shriram Saravana

    Indian Valentino Rossi 🔥 Rajini Krishnan❤

  • k.Thanush kumar reddy
    k.Thanush kumar reddy

    In this video, I have learned how to ride a scooty. My entire life I was doing it wrong.Thankyou Rajni sir😁😁😂

  • Parth Gohel
    Parth Gohel

    Haha... Rajini was super impressed by the Ather 😁... we need electric SS bikes in India...

  • Danfluffcent Uchiha
    Danfluffcent Uchiha

    R15 everywhere in top of the list having 150cc engine. :D

  • Riding Devil
    Riding Devil

    On Next Outing please bring F77 electric too, would like to see if that's as sporty as it looks, awesome video as always, Cheers.

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody

      We will once Ultraviolette actually launches it :)

  • Ashley raji
    Ashley raji

    where can I access this leaderboard ?

    • Autocar India
      Autocar India

      Here you go -

  • Be loving
    Be loving

    Why there is no ktm bike? 😶He should try rc or duke 390 🔥


    5:51 does BMW g310r get titanium exhaust pipe 😳?????

  • Raja Ranjith Reddy
    Raja Ranjith Reddy

    Can we get the link for the soft copy of TRACK TIME LIST for MOTORCYCLES?.

    • Autocar India
      Autocar India

      Here you go -

  • Manash Roy
    Manash Roy

    That striple is no joke. Giving superbikes a run for it's money even in bs6 form. No 1 dream bike for sure

  • Motorsport 09
    Motorsport 09

    Hoping to see vitpilen 250, rr310 bs6,ninja 300 2021

  • mathen khumaar
    mathen khumaar

    We too cant wait to see it all over again ❤

  • Akshy Sunder
    Akshy Sunder

    And we can't wait to watch it all over again

  • sushant star
    sushant star

    Waited most for RR 310 bs6 laptime

  • Aadit Goyal
    Aadit Goyal

    8:35 it just shows the level of professionalism of rajni otherwise the angle should scare anyone silly.. Great riding rajni😁

  • Aadit Goyal
    Aadit Goyal

    Autocar do a comparison of street triple r and rs it will be a fun to watch comparison 😁

  • Sarath Sistla
    Sarath Sistla

    Where can we see the full list?

    • Autocar India
      Autocar India

      Here you go -

  • Mohammed Riyas.R
    Mohammed Riyas.R

    Any one missing RC 390!?

  • Mayur Narayan
    Mayur Narayan

    Street triple is the pick

  • Riyank Sankhe
    Riyank Sankhe


  • Partha Sarathy
    Partha Sarathy

    Nammaaa ooruuu thalaaa !

  • Kamlesh Chand
    Kamlesh Chand

    Much respect for thalaiva Rajini! India is proud of you.

  • Krishna

    Where's CBR 650R 2021 ??

  • Krishna

    My fav F900 XR , 1250 GSA

  • Shubham Kadam
    Shubham Kadam

    I feel next year you should be including the apache rtr 200 4v with riding modes in small capacity machines.

  • Geetarth Neo
    Geetarth Neo

    Rajni is legend and the way he rode the Multistrada is pure magic. 🔥

  • Caleb Sunder
    Caleb Sunder

    9:36 the ninja 300 is quicker than a 900cc BMW. Let that sink in.

    • MotoTune TM
      MotoTune TM

      LOL no. That bike is much slower. When they did those track tests, the resurfacing was not done. Hence, those bikes posted much better laptimes. If you want a figure now, the Ninja 300 is around 2.12 ballpark.

    • Mayukh Sharma
      Mayukh Sharma

      R15 v3 is quicker than a harley 150cc vs 750cc. Top speed and power isnt everything chassis suspension and other parameters matters a lot in track racing.


    Really impressed with Street triple RS

    • Aadit Goyal
      Aadit Goyal

      Better go for the street triple r

  • chandra kant
    chandra kant

    Should have included the husqys. Would have loved to know what rajni thinks of the vitpilen on a track and how it performs

  • Bhuvan Teja
    Bhuvan Teja

    Hoping to see the Apache RR310 there soon...

  • Arshad Shaikh
    Arshad Shaikh

    Why there is no honda big bike.

  • Yash Amin
    Yash Amin

    This is always a never miss/must watch video for me

  • Bhargava Udayagiri
    Bhargava Udayagiri

    That Street Triple is really really fast

  • Vishwavijay patil
    Vishwavijay patil

    I think the gixxer SF is the best track bike within 150 to 250cc . The chassis feels light, responsive and even better than FZ250.

    • Mayukh Sharma
      Mayukh Sharma

      R15 v3 is a track bike too and is more equipped than the gixxer

  • Abhi Shetty
    Abhi Shetty

    How is the hornet faster then the r15

    • Divyesh Patel
      Divyesh Patel

      That's the R15 S model.

    • Caleb Sunder
      Caleb Sunder

      It's the 1st gen.

  • sathi prakash
    sathi prakash

    hello Motorheads

  • S M
    S M

    Where is duke 390

  • Mohammad Yaqoob
    Mohammad Yaqoob

    Please make a video dedicated for the bikes in 3-6 lakh price range. It's the price range which I guess is the most confusing.


    End of day.... Wait is over trackday of bikes.... 😍😍 Thank you @autocarindia☺

  • Siddhesh Gharat
    Siddhesh Gharat

    The Dominar 400 and 250 shows how good the chassis actually is. Bajaj please do the Pulsar RS400 with the same chassis, and atleast 12 less kilos. Would love to see that on track.

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel

    Hoped Ninja H2 and the all new Hayabusa will be on Track Day Next year 🔥 The Japanese Superbikes are one of the most powerful and fun .

    • Autocar India
      Autocar India

      Next outing for sure!

  • mukesh jana
    mukesh jana

    rajini..the name itself got a swag❤️🏍️

    • buvaneshwaran


  • 67 vinay kulkarni
    67 vinay kulkarni

    4:27 R15 is faster than other 250cc bikes on track👀

    • Prash

      @Gyanesh Upadhyaya yes bro, but that's a race spec model (Gixxer SF Cup) , while R15 v3 is actually a stock motorcycle. Image a race spec SF 250, that would be 🔥.

    • somesh _g
      somesh _g

      @Gyanesh Upadhyaya race cup bike

    • Mayukh Sharma
      Mayukh Sharma

      @Gyanesh Upadhyaya obviously its a 250

    • Gyanesh Upadhyaya
      Gyanesh Upadhyaya

      5:45. Gixxer SF is quicker than R15 V3.

    • Venu Krithish
      Venu Krithish

      That's the V2 I think but still a great time for a 150cc

  • Maheshwar Mahe
    Maheshwar Mahe


  • Veddant Ray
    Veddant Ray

    Autocar the best

  • kabir M.A.
    kabir M.A.

    Lol e schooter

  • Samuel Tanpu
    Samuel Tanpu


  • Nicky Ashish
    Nicky Ashish


  • Samuel Tanpu
    Samuel Tanpu

    Wow! SUPER❤️❤️❤️




      @Autocar India OMG HIIIIIIIIIIII I means my dad has BMW NEW X1 AND A INTERCEPTOR

    • Autocar India
      Autocar India

      Achievement unlocked!



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