Hyundai Alcazar revealed, Mahindra XUV700 info, Kia Sonet 7 seater & more |Quick News| Autocar India
In this week's edition of Autocar India Quick News we bring you the first images of the new Hyundai Alcazar and also tell you about the upcoming Mahindra XUV700. We also take a look at passenger vehicle sales numbers for FY2021 and bring you up to speed with the week's key launches and international model reveals.
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0:00 - Introduction
0:29 - Hyundai Alcazar revealed
1:55 - 2021 Mahindra XUV700 launch details
2:50 - Jeep H6 three row SUV teased
3:22 - 2021 BMW 6 Series GT price
4:16 - Citroen C5 Aircross price
5:11 - 2021 Skoda Octavia launch soon
5:52 - 2021 Jaguar F-Pace bookings open
6:35 - Mercedes-Benz GLA 2021 India details
7:35 - Autocar India April 2021 issue out
7:46 - Passenger vehicle sales in FY2021
8:37 - Kia Sonet 7 seater revealed in Indonesia
9:19 - Toyota GR 86 revealed
10:17 - 2023 Hummer EV SUV revealed
11:36 - MG Cyberster concept showcased
12:23 - Triumph Trident price in India
13:05 - Aprilia SXR 125 bookings open
13:54 - Ather 450X gets OTA update
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  • Vikram Venkatesh
    Vikram Venkatesh

    Any chances of getting an Hyundai Santro Sportz AMT review, the facelift version and possibly compare it with the Tata Tiago XZA variant?

  • mdafifislam MENl94O17.
    mdafifislam MENl94O17.

    Nice video

  • Naim Mallick MEN194O22
    Naim Mallick MEN194O22

    Good video

  • Ekta Shah
    Ekta Shah


  • pritam w
    pritam w

    Good video

  • Penti Ranjith
    Penti Ranjith

    TATA MOTORS.... 💥💥💥💥

  • Jhansi Sripathi
    Jhansi Sripathi

    At this place we are going to see alto 7seater

  • Sankar Reddy
    Sankar Reddy

    Tata motors

  • sayed hamza
    sayed hamza

    Well news.. Excellent work

  • Kishan Vasita
    Kishan Vasita


  • faizan mustafa
    faizan mustafa

    Thanks for informing

  • Nirali Shah
    Nirali Shah


  • hemant thakur
    hemant thakur

    Yeah that's a very good video

  • Hanuman Reddy
    Hanuman Reddy

    Wow xuv7000

  • kumpavat mahendrasinh
    kumpavat mahendrasinh

    Nice video bhai

  • Norbu Lama
    Norbu Lama

    Waiting for xuv700 😍

  • Ravi Singh
    Ravi Singh

    Jsttttt wow

  • Hari Haran
    Hari Haran

    Nice cars...

  • Tom Thomas
    Tom Thomas


  • Bibhubandana Patra
    Bibhubandana Patra


  • Revanth Vinayak
    Revanth Vinayak


  • havoc karthi
    havoc karthi

    Good news keep rocking

  • Uttam Lohar
    Uttam Lohar

    Nice video

  • siddhi patil
    siddhi patil


  • Super Sebby
    Super Sebby


  • Glad Xn
    Glad Xn

    Interesting Hyundai Car

  • varsha khichi
    varsha khichi


  • T N C
    T N C


  • Hishir Kishore Saikia
    Hishir Kishore Saikia

    Alcazar launching date?

  • Chandrachur Niyogi
    Chandrachur Niyogi

    the HYUNDAI Alcazar got 4WD??? the HUMMER EV got a proper ladder frame chassis???

  • Rohit Kohli
    Rohit Kohli

    looking forward for skoda octavia

  • Ashish Sonawane
    Ashish Sonawane

    Waiting for Triumph Trident 660 review

  • Thomas Augustine
    Thomas Augustine

    will we be getting the gr yaris in india?

  • Sumit

    People are trying to have small family, but everyone's releasing 7 seater.😂😂😂Market strategy gone wrong.😂😂

  • Premanath Alegaon
    Premanath Alegaon

    Very lengthy quick news.

  • Prem

    If Tata can address some more problems with its vehicles/dealerships, it has the potential to become the number one seller in India

  • Anshul

    Its raining 3 row cars

  • Mahaan Videos
    Mahaan Videos

    I think ford is going to move up with upgrades and new product launches.

  • Bhadresh Vyas
    Bhadresh Vyas

    Hyundai Alcazar petrol engine power and performance tourq is old and less as per 7 seater car and other same car maker given powerful engine so no value of Hyundai only cosmetic master, now petrol engine is best for pollution air control

  • Shravan Shivakumar
    Shravan Shivakumar

    I think ather will add wireless Apple carplay and Android auto 😂

  • soumyajit ghosh
    soumyajit ghosh

    I'm surprised to see how noone talks about banning or in any type protesting in reducing such high import tax duty.It is something all middle class people aspire to have but is too much out of bound. Till then live with boring cars....

  • Shashikant Rai
    Shashikant Rai

    Nobody gonna buy c5 aircross



  • sudipto ghosh
    sudipto ghosh


  • manav s
    manav s

    Just hope the supra and gt86 cm to India😍😍

  • Ronnie D Leo
    Ronnie D Leo


  • Venkata Koushik Akella
    Venkata Koushik Akella

    MG's hyper car was great but i do wish Toyota Supra makes it to India!!

  • ankit mishra
    ankit mishra

    Stretch swift there comes dzire and rest all follows and becomes a pattern, and now to turn 5 seaters CUV to 7 seat UVs.....such a pitty!

  • MOIST kitty
    MOIST kitty

    hope we get a 7 seater tata nano soon

  • i_am_now_batman

    GR 86,kaash! Supra toh obviously chahiye.

  • Out Spoken
    Out Spoken

    i am looking for two of them Jaguar f pace and hummer..

  • Mr Wayne
    Mr Wayne

    Honest review ever

  • shanthi james
    shanthi james

    MG sports car is stunning and unique ❤️

  • Permindra Raghav
    Permindra Raghav

    Sir Kia muhave India me KB aayegi

  • John gulbarga
    John gulbarga

    Triumph trident ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Amit Bhoir
    Amit Bhoir

    Mahindras move and XUV 700 Images are quite disappointing. It looks this will fail to create magic that was with Thar

  • Love to Drive
    Love to Drive

    TATA MOTORS ...🔥

  • Malhar Deole
    Malhar Deole

    Any news on Isuzu v cross 2021?

  • Niks Bharwad
    Niks Bharwad

    Excellent 👌

  • Utham M S
    Utham M S

    Trident 660 is THE pick

  • Manish Sharma
    Manish Sharma


  • Ashwin Kadloor
    Ashwin Kadloor

    when's the launch date of octavia??

  • Aadish Bildikar
    Aadish Bildikar

    The Supra news is too good to be true, but don't mind hoping for the best. 🤞🏽

  • World Showcase
    World Showcase

    #Alcazar super ugly.. big flop in my point of view.

    • Zoey

      Creta is so ugly, but still it sells well

  • Neeraj Bhandari
    Neeraj Bhandari

    Hummer EV

  • shubham

    HUMMER EV!😍💕

  • aakashchoudhuri

    MG Cyberster grill resembles Venom's cheeky malicious face..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Digital Media Services
    Digital Media Services


  • Jehangir Readymoney
    Jehangir Readymoney

    We need a non-cbu HUMMER in India! (55L tops) (No Mahindra Traxx Jokes :P)

  • mohammed khan monus
    mohammed khan monus

    Fingers crossed on toyota supra!!

    • mohammed khan monus
      mohammed khan monus

      @soumyajit ghosh absolutely maybe evenmore

    • soumyajit ghosh
      soumyajit ghosh

      70lakhs + if it comes

  • Anto R Wilson
    Anto R Wilson grand commader 🔥👐🏻

  • harsha vardhan
    harsha vardhan

    Merc ❤ As Always

    • harsha vardhan
      harsha vardhan

      @Rishab Joseph ha ha.. sales figure doesn't seem to depict the same

    • Rishab Joseph
      Rishab Joseph

      Mercedes has lost its prestige imo

  • Rahul Bhagat
    Rahul Bhagat

    I wanted to know about the yamaha xsr155 launch in India and specifications.

  • iGiggs

    Trident at competitive price of ₹6.95 lakh Ex Showroom.😂

  • Raikanto Penny
    Raikanto Penny

    Ford is not necessarily hit by the pandemic, it's their lack of players in the market, yes, new players.

  • Riyan Shaikh
    Riyan Shaikh

    Kia is dropping its reputation in India!😭😭😭😭😭

  • Bishnu Paria
    Bishnu Paria

    Sir, with 1.5 diesel engine HYUNDAI Alcazar, how to compete Safari, Hector + and XUV 500? We are want 2.0L diesel engine, which is used in Hyundai Tucson.

  • hari krishna tumpudi
    hari krishna tumpudi

    EV Hummer looks stunning!!


    Today's auto news are interesting

  • Rakshath Naik
    Rakshath Naik

    Can anyone tell me how many ferrari sf90 stradale and f8 tributo are there in india?

  • Vanessa Cavill
    Vanessa Cavill

    Alcazar - 6/10 Xuv700 - 9/10 Jeep - 7/10 BMW - 7/10 Citroen C5 - 7/10 Skoda Octavia - 9/10 Jaguar f-pace - 8/10 GLA - 8/10 Kia sonet 7 seater - 6/10 Toyota 86 - 9/10 Hummer ev - 10/10 MG - 3/10 Trident 660 - 11/10 Aprillia - 6/10 Ather - 8/10

  • Samuel Tanpu
    Samuel Tanpu

    Autocar always interested in everything they post❤️


    When is the new ford Mustang coming

  • Venkat Ramanan Ranganathan
    Venkat Ramanan Ranganathan

    Didn't expect Hummer to turn into all electric cars. I m missing that old Rugged SUV which has huge road presence. Hummer is still my dream car. Hope I ll atleast own Electric version of it...

  • Pranjal Sharma
    Pranjal Sharma

    Mahindra is copying renault's megane 🤦🏻


    Mahindra suv 700 acha laga

  • karan

    Tata need more big numbers...😍Love for Tata..

  • 1151 Utsav Mistry-CMB
    1151 Utsav Mistry-CMB

    10:15 BMW has already launched Z4 so there's no need of supra I guess

    • Sunny Sharma
      Sunny Sharma

      We didn't need glanza too, if we were to go with you. But Toyota is Toyota 😂

  • Tushar Gupta
    Tushar Gupta

    At this pace, we are about to see an Alto 7 seater version.

    • varun varma
      varun varma

      Hahah actually

    • longing along raw A.K.Danish
      longing along raw A.K.Danish

      Oh yes actually maruti might be already planning spresso 7 seater

    • Harsha Sai
      Harsha Sai


    • riyan prince
      riyan prince


    • Ansel Pereira
      Ansel Pereira

      Lmao😂😂 ... True af 😂😂

  • Girish Lohi
    Girish Lohi

    Hello sir, can u please tell when is the 6 generation Volkswagen Polo will launch in india ???

    • Autocar India
      Autocar India

      Not coming, sadly. But the next-gen Polo could -

  • Sathish Rao
    Sathish Rao

    Unfortunately, we appear to be all set to see month(s) of zero sales yet again !

  • Sarvesh Nadkarni
    Sarvesh Nadkarni

    I never miss any of your quick news it's absolutely great each time and crisp

  • Priyanshu Sharma 702
    Priyanshu Sharma 702

    Rumours are that the new xuv500 ( 5 seater harrier rival ) will come after xuv700. So are there any chances of XUV600 , the six seater version with captain seats ? Or will xuv700 serve the purpose ?

    • Sumit

      Mahindra has just registered XUV 900 trademark. 700 will replace 500.

  • Satyajeet Samant
    Satyajeet Samant

    Hummer will hum in 2023

  • Rajinder Atwal
    Rajinder Atwal

    Please show only that cars that are launching in India. Sunday ki subah subah kyun fil dukha rahe ho bhai😂

  • esrarali wasim akram
    esrarali wasim akram

    what a start TATA tops in sales and Hummer tech and looks are just mind-blowing. thank you AutoCar for the updates. willing to see a complete video on TATA Cars manufacturing as well as on sales and how people changing their minds by prioritizing the Safety

  • Jyotsna Bajpai Bajpai
    Jyotsna Bajpai Bajpai

    Finally Hummer is back again

  • joselet shibu
    joselet shibu


  • Vachan

    Sense the hunt to finish Ertiga/XL6 is on by Hyundai/Kia, Mahindra & Jeep. Can XL6/Ertiga survive!