Drag Race: Skoda Rapid vs Honda City - It's turbocharging vs natural aspiration! | Autocar India
The Skoda Rapid got a new lease of life with a 1.0-litre turbocharged TSI petrol engine last year. But can it beat the Honda City 1.5 i-VTEC, the naturally-aspirated hero, on the drag strip?
Drivers: Rahul Kakar, Saumil Shah
Camerapersons: Anand Malepu, Dinesh Harale, Shreyans Chordia, Pradeep Bhondve, Pravin Bhondve
Drone: Nikhil Bollu
Editor: Rakesh Sargade
#BharatPetroleum #GoProIn #GoProHero9Black
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  • Sundar Shekar
    Sundar Shekar

    Rapid 🔥

  • Dr Mahmood Ali Sayed
    Dr Mahmood Ali Sayed

    Please tell me wether the Traction control of Honda City was on or off? Very important factor.🙄🙄

  • yak750i

    Petrol costs almost 100/ltr....


    City's gearing is far too tall,Honda should have short geared the city as now even 6th gear is available, taller gearing saps acceleration performance quite a bit, even though this is just a drag race , City is still the better car overall specially the interior/seat comfort and after sales service atleast as compared to VW,though i don't think Honda has any interest in bringing Turbo petrol engines to India as of now ...

  • kishore kumar
    kishore kumar

    Guys note, it's the same engine even on the rider variant which is just about 9 lakhs, re-think and take a wise decision before pushing into korean or japanese cars of this segment

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    Skoda/VW offer value luxury and performance cars in almost all segments now. Probably the best quality vehicles in the country. No nonsense and they give the car for your buck and not features. With launch of Fabia worldwide its a total game changer now. Highly expected for India too

  • Ishika Sengar
    Ishika Sengar

    Please do it with xuv 300

  • Rakesh Nalavade
    Rakesh Nalavade

    So its power vs torque. And the winner is......

  • Andh Bhakht
    Andh Bhakht

    VW ground not japanese car manufacturer can match driving quality can you imagine 1.5 skoda

  • Bishal Banerjee
    Bishal Banerjee

    Guess the v-tec didn’t kick in yo! 😂

  • astrology talk
    astrology talk

    Ivtech kicks in at higher rpm , but still rapid is good must say that

  • Amazing Abhay
    Amazing Abhay

    Please do a Video on Tesla model 3


    Drag race video on i20 TURBO DCT vs IMT please.


    I20 turbo VS polo tsi...please...

  • anup b
    anup b

    Is the rapid ambition varient worth buying?

  • Jaymin Borsadiya
    Jaymin Borsadiya

    German 🔥

  • Vigneesh RK
    Vigneesh RK

    Rapid ❤️

  • Rohan Rath
    Rohan Rath

    Rightly said Turbo engines are made for the drag races. Trubo engines will Chugh smoke when it comes to pulling power in the real world.....happy Dragging..while naturally aspirated engine will burn miles after miles with cruising power.

  • Farzi Bada
    Farzi Bada

    City never built for drag but for comfort and reliability. Any one with some knowledge about engines will tell that naturally aspirated engines last longer are more reliable and easy and less expensive to maintain. Skoda ruined things by providing fancy tuneups with turbo charging the petty 1 ltr engines as they know of their reputation in used car market. Skoda and VW are least reliable and very expensive to maintain and are known to develop issues around 70k km of running. I will always go for balanced 4 cylinder naturally aspirated engines rather than fuel stealing turbo ones.

  • My Diaries
    My Diaries

    @Autocar_India Plz conduct a drag race between 1L turbo charged manuel polo and 1L turbo charged manuel Rapid. Bcoz some people including me is very confused to buy a polo turbocharged or rapid manuel rider+ edition.

  • Abhishek Bhosale
    Abhishek Bhosale

    i will always go for naturally aspirated engine

    • Rajat Sharma
      Rajat Sharma


  • chandan sagar
    chandan sagar

    No matter what the result vtec is gem of petrol

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh

    That's German Engineering vs Japanese Bells and Whistles. I hope Skoda retains the name. Rapid has a history of its own.

  • Pranav Pandya
    Pranav Pandya

    Of course, torque plays a huge part.

  • Abhishek Paul
    Abhishek Paul

    Comparison should be betwn hyundai verna 1.6,skoda ,VW and honda

  • Chinky Arun
    Chinky Arun

    Hi sir.. Polo vs swift

  • Maddukuri Charan teja
    Maddukuri Charan teja


  • Nikhil Chakravarthi
    Nikhil Chakravarthi

    Obviously look at the torque figures ….

  • sanjeev p
    sanjeev p

    Ha ha nice comparison...u have to know one thing honda is not for torque only for reliable and customer friendly but Skoda is simply give fun to ride ...if u want fundrive car choose Skoda...if u want lifespan car choose Honda...Skoda is sturdy car definitely...Honda is smooth car...if u have lot money choose Skoda worth for money...if u looking budget friendly choose Honda worth for ur hard-earned money...thank u

  • crick poki
    crick poki

    Rapid vs Verna

  • Saiprasad Reddy
    Saiprasad Reddy

    After test driving Rapid TSI, in a matter of minutes I made my decision and got it. Before Skoda I test drove almost all cars below 15 laks.

  • Hashmi Asma
    Hashmi Asma

    No one beat the German engineering, even Japan can’t match.

  • Areeb Abdullah
    Areeb Abdullah

    For everyone's information , rapid is the fastest c segment sedan with best performance in the whole market. Even better than its brother vento

  • Vraj Parikh
    Vraj Parikh

    German cars are superior to any car in this world !! ❤️❤️‍🔥

  • Rakesh goud
    Rakesh goud

    Rapid is rapid not other compiterior can compete in this price segment.

  • VFRfanBoys

    Autocar, if you want real drag put it with B series DOHC Vtec with 160 nm from type-r ,after 6000rpm Vtec will start make that vw smokewagon turbo ...leaking oil..

  • Sahil Sharma
    Sahil Sharma

    Love the power of rapid man.....so powerfull 1 litre engine.....still gonna choose honda as honda is honda...overall not only power but overall city is better

  • kill3rbyysight

    still love my Honda ♥️ perfect combination of premiumness, handling, drive quality.. that 1 second doesn't matter in daily routine

  • Yugandhar Satbhai
    Yugandhar Satbhai

    The 1.6 TDI Rapid even beats all its competitors in the segment hands-down!

  • Noyal Prakash
    Noyal Prakash

    Compare honda city with the 4th gen facelift

  • Nikunj Jain
    Nikunj Jain

    city is a family car..

  • Geetha Kp
    Geetha Kp

    German engineering_Volkswagen 1.0 TSI.

  • Hemant D
    Hemant D

    Skoda rapid is first choice❤❤

  • jagdish gadekar
    jagdish gadekar

    Winner is POLO TSI

  • Aditya Tukati
    Aditya Tukati

    Skoda.... naam hi kafi hai. It's Simply The Best.

  • Vishu K
    Vishu K

    An even race would have been with Verna turbo

  • Mohammad Syed Rehan
    Mohammad Syed Rehan

    Over the long run city would win but in short distance drag race due to torque rapid will definitely win

  • Rupen Sheth
    Rupen Sheth

    Proud to own Skoda Rapid!! ❤️

  • Aravindhan


  • Himangshu sharma
    Himangshu sharma

    The Honda city isn't much comfortable the Maruti Ciaz is much more comfortable I wish Honda works on that aspects and improves the overall product. Also looking forward for the 1 litre turbo petrol from the Honda

  • Anand Dutt
    Anand Dutt

    when i saw notification of this video, i was like "abi maza Aeyga na bidu"

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous

    Long gearing on the city made it loose the drag

  • Aditya Thakre
    Aditya Thakre

    Very nice

  • Yuvraj Khalaik
    Yuvraj Khalaik

    Well, lets be true, we all knew that was gonna happen tho.

  • Yashraj _roxx
    Yashraj _roxx

    Try with Honda city rs

  • It'sSSC

    Please make on below as well Rapid 1.5tdi at vs new gen verna at Rapid 1.5tdi at vs ciaz

  • Sunil 2do
    Sunil 2do

    Can't believe 🙄

  • Vikas Raj Anand
    Vikas Raj Anand

    I am not sure if it was a fair race .. City is for refinement & comfort. Everybody knew the result I guess, even before the race started. But thanks for the video, keep going, I like this segment!

  • Dilin MD
    Dilin MD

    All rapid enthusiasts.. how often do you get to do a drag race 🤣. Its just .5 second faster and in real world it doesn't matter at all. What matters is the comfort, refinement, interiors etc. at which city is far ahead in its league. Hope rapid guys wont get a huge bill on turbo repairs in the future. But then, the money saved on buying Rapid over the City will serve the purpose 😁

  • Zr M
    Zr M

    Rapid does not have a challenger at this segment, Still the King 👑

  • DailyDraw

    Nice of you for the drag race...

  • Nisanth M Pillai
    Nisanth M Pillai

    Proud owner of Skoda Rapid ❤️❤️❤️Love you SKODA ❤️ The Absolute BEAST 🔥

  • pratham oberoi
    pratham oberoi

    Do for Ciaz and City too.

  • caughtin dream
    caughtin dream

    Rapid Anyday

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    European superiority is clearly seen in their cars !!


    City also needs 1.0 vtec turbo engine.

  • Shreyas verma
    Shreyas verma

    and m thinking what the polo with the same spec would have done 🙏🏻🙏🏻. #german engineering

    • Highway Ricer
      Highway Ricer

      Not german… Czech Republic

  • Kunal Chitnis
    Kunal Chitnis

    TSI engines are class apart. There is simply no comparisons with other brands even with their turbo-charged engines.. TSI is an award winning engine globally. Its smooth, powerful, efficient and fun to drive. What else do we need?? I have a Vento 1.2 TSI mated with DSG. Its a gem. You just enjoy driving...

  • Sithara R Nair
    Sithara R Nair

    Still satisfied with city because as a 6" 3 I can comfortably sit in the back seat and also rapid has that annoying central tunnel. Rapid for fun driving. But for both fun and comfort honda city ivtec manual.

  • Prethish Kumar
    Prethish Kumar

    Except for the fact that naturally aspirated engines have less wear and tear and last longer than the turbo charged ones... Any day the Honda City is my choice!!

  • Apoorv VKRao
    Apoorv VKRao

    How about Polo versus it's competitors? Though Polo doesn't have any 😉

  • Vikram Singh
    Vikram Singh

    Honda city is a family sedan built for comfort ride on city and highway.. Its CVT gearbox is best in its segment with beauty of cruise control..

  • Mahesh Banger
    Mahesh Banger

    Need Verna 2021 1.5 petrol and 1.5 diesel manual...! Drag race..

  • Danin Wheels
    Danin Wheels

    Could you try to do a drag race of Manual Gear Altroz Diesel vs Manual Gear i20 Diesel

  • Saroj Sharma
    Saroj Sharma

    Bring venue vs magnite

  • Saumya Navit
    Saumya Navit

    kindly bring drag race between jeep compass and harrier or mg hector or similar cars

  • Bhanita Pathak
    Bhanita Pathak

    hyundai aura vs honda city please

  • Tahsin Faiyaz
    Tahsin Faiyaz

    India has both Rapid and Vento? But they are the same car.

  • Deepak Srinivasan
    Deepak Srinivasan

    Obvious it’s German!!

  • Yashasvi Pratap Singh
    Yashasvi Pratap Singh

    Rapid vs aspire

  • Uma Bapat
    Uma Bapat

    DZire vs Tigor please Autocar India.

  • Franklin

    Skoda rapid no gimmicks pure drivers car


    pls make a drag video of xuv 300 1.5 diesel vs ecosport 1.5tdci

  • Arun.n Bombay
    Arun.n Bombay

    Iam a honda car technician so honda very simple and powerfull

  • mayur patil
    mayur patil

    Please bring drag races of diesel cars also

  • MOolankuzhiyil Sahadevan Since 2003
    MOolankuzhiyil Sahadevan Since 2003

    There was a time in my childhood honda was considered as a sports car😓

  • Nazeeb 4444
    Nazeeb 4444

    Rapid 😍

  • Aniket Rajput
    Aniket Rajput

    So I was right , I bought TSI Monte Carlo

  • Rajath Bhargav
    Rajath Bhargav

    I have a rapid 1.6 TDI and it just flies on the highways.

    • Yugandhar Satbhai
      Yugandhar Satbhai

      I have had instances where my 1.6 TDI Rapid has beaten the 2.6 lt Innova as well.

  • karthick senthilkumar
    karthick senthilkumar

    Nice incivative..continue with more drag races

  • Sachin

    Skoda anyday ❤️

  • Sumit Chaudhary
    Sumit Chaudhary

    Doesn't the ivtec release more power at higher revs? How many gear shifts happened for city? What was the rev count?

    • MOolankuzhiyil Sahadevan Since 2003
      MOolankuzhiyil Sahadevan Since 2003

      City is not like before it now focuses more on comfort

  • CS Tradings
    CS Tradings

    Please race between new verna & new city

  • Sk Status
    Sk Status

    Where is king verna


    Skoda-simply clever..


    How many of you of those here commenting buying the car for drag racing ? Skoda has pros over Honda. And Similar Honda does have lots of pros over Skoda. Drag is irrelevant for real scenario of any car buyer.


    Imagine 1.5 4 cylinder turbo vtec

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh

    Skoda is really superb Thank you again for a qualitative comparison

  • zaid saiyed
    zaid saiyed

    baap baap hota hai!! German power ⚔️👑

  • Abhitosh Daw
    Abhitosh Daw

    Need to smash Verna next . Waiting for that video ..