Drag Race: Nissan Magnite vs Kia Sonet - CVT takes on DCT | Autocar India
The two hottest compact SUVs of 2020 slug it out on the drag strip. Both models come powered by 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engines but use very different transmissions. Which one triumphs?
Drivers: Rahul Kakar, Saumil Shah
Camerapersons: Anand Malepu, Dinesh Harale, Shreyans Chordia, Pradeep Bhondve, Pravin Bhondve
Drone: Nikhil Bollu
Editor: Rakesh Sargade
#BharatPetroleum #GoProIn #GoProHero9Black
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  • Dipandar bhardwaj
    Dipandar bhardwaj

    magnite all rounder

  • The Creators
    The Creators

    Yes Magnite is very quick in response, I driven the car and it is really awesome pickup and speed. Very lite weight body so I felt it is not safe so booked KIA SONET 🔥and all the features are awesome at that price and it is fully loaded.

  • Brawel star Gamer
    Brawel star Gamer

    Drag racing between kiger vs sonet

  • Rajarshi Awasthi
    Rajarshi Awasthi

    I have been driving magnite since 3 months .. trust me guys superb car I have drives 3000 kms ... what a performance speed comfort

  • Gangothri Boini
    Gangothri Boini

    Nissan magnite is best. Amazing to see of magnite. Nissan magnite done good job 👍

  • who am I
    who am I

    Are u serious😧

  • Sam Yadav
    Sam Yadav

    And sonet owners comments like Its not expected 😆😆

  • Tengbath Sangma
    Tengbath Sangma

    Next want to see magnite vs kiger thank you


    he said magnite is 100+ kgs lighter than sonet..... thats why magnite won....!! a cvt can never defeat a dct....

  • Baddest Ass
    Baddest Ass

    It's not just magnite is lighter than sonet but also scored 4 star


    i20 turbo VS polo TSI

  • Vraj Parikh
    Vraj Parikh

    Enjoying all drag races of D & C segment cars…amazing work autocar !! 🙌✨

  • devashish patwardhan
    devashish patwardhan

    Hyundai Kia - feature heavy but impractical as hell. In this case, DCT actually became a disadvantage :P YOU SHOULD DO POLO GT VS ALL THESE HYUNDAI KIA 1.0 TGDI CARS


    Ha ha.. Woowww.. Those who bought the overpriced dct are burning inside

  • gizmo12765

    CVT and turbo is apparently a far better combination than CVT and naturally aspirated engines. City CVT sucks despite higher displacement 1.5 engine , but Magnite turbo is at another level despite 1.0 engine

  • Amith SunilKumar
    Amith SunilKumar

    Transmission matters

  • Anshul

    Cramped, low on performance and mileage but high on price. Why should we buy it then ?

  • Ravi Selarka
    Ravi Selarka

    What about Ford aspire vs WV Vento

  • t4techdroid TM
    t4techdroid TM

    I cant believe and i too dont belive. Coz sonet had better engine 💥

  • Virendra singh Rajput
    Virendra singh Rajput

    I love autocar India 👍

  • Thuhilesh76

    Unbelievable 😳

  • krishnendu chandrasseril
    krishnendu chandrasseril

    Hyundai only on its paper figures... Nissan.. Difference is Japan engineering...

  • Cyril Kommareddy
    Cyril Kommareddy

    Magnite looks kick-ass but sonet looks ( NO COMMENTS ) especially from back.....

  • anurag agarwal
    anurag agarwal

    Perfect drag race


    Nissan magnite... Really impressive... More hp doesn't work...

  • v p
    v p

    Japan car 🇯🇵

  • Mayank Gupta
    Mayank Gupta

    Magnite 💯💯❤️

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh

    Anyone saying that this was unexpected, probably doesn't have much knowledge about the automatic transmissions.

  • Manju C.K
    Manju C.K

    Real I felt MAGNITE was good on Indian roads & value for money 👍👌✌️💪🦁


    Drag race video on i20 TURBO DCT vs IMT please.


    please make a similar drag race video on VW polo GT TSI and I20 TURBO DCT. this one is a must...for sure....please...

    • sandeep unnikrishnan
      sandeep unnikrishnan

      no need to make..tsi will smoke out the i20😀

  • Srikar Reddy
    Srikar Reddy

    Wow...can u make a similar video of kiger vs sonet

  • Mohd Raza
    Mohd Raza

    I thought in the starting that sonet will win but nissan has done a great job . Magnite 🥰

  • Suraj Nikam
    Suraj Nikam

    Who says engine specifications matters.


    May be due to shorter final gear ratio maintained in Magnite CVT.

  • Barath Chandran
    Barath Chandran

    Now, I'm curious to watch a drag race between dct vs ivt variants of seltos.

  • Rakesh Mohanan
    Rakesh Mohanan

    Nissan 🤩

  • Hari Mudivedu
    Hari Mudivedu

    I like magnite

  • B D
    B D

    Its through drag racing that we can really gauge the power and pick up of a vehicle..overall nice location, nice shots..hope to see comparison between Kia Seltos, Scorpio, Creta, Venue, Brezza, Jeep Compass, Ford Ecosport, i20, Swift, Baleno and many more...Autocar India keep it coming


    It is because magnite have less weight


    Always Nissan remained the choice for buyers in North America and Middle East, now India started to see them too. Maybe the Koreans finally realised the Japanese are back in action👍👍👍👍👍


    Congratulations Nissan what a product perfect all rounder on the date...price build quality performance..❤️❤️

  • Prem Swaroop J
    Prem Swaroop J

    Magnite is 126 kilos lighter

  • MRV 07 07
    MRV 07 07

    Make this type of video on THE FORD FIGO 1.2 P Manual and swift. Petrol manual

  • UK Y
    UK Y

    The stats on paper did fool me. I thought Sonet with DCT will cruise with plenty of time to spare. Kudos to Nissan for launching this gem- Magnite !!

  • Faisal Ebad
    Faisal Ebad

    Magnite wins. I thought they are city cars

  • Abhinav Singh
    Abhinav Singh

    Nissan is almost 100kg lighter in weight...otherwise no chance in front of sonet dct


    Hey #Autocar , Can you make a drag race with Wagnor 1.2 vs polo ❤️ pleaseee🥺

  • Dayananda Shetty
    Dayananda Shetty

    Finally rock megnite wow


    Please do drag race between bmw 330i with skoda vrs

  • Astal Diaz
    Astal Diaz

    Magnite is best in all over aspects...good job nissan...keep going...❤️

  • veekay

    Nissan shud launch a good hatchback. Toyota is just rebadging maruti cars. We can expect a toyota alto soon

  • Hero Movies 2021
    Hero Movies 2021

    And people say CVT's are slow.

  • Rajat Nagul
    Rajat Nagul

    venu DCT vs sonet DCT banao na sir

  • Akshay

    dct in small capacity engine is equally worse as CVT in ivtec engine

  • Navnit Nair
    Navnit Nair

    Guys..am waiting for a drag race between duster turbo 1.3 and seltos GT .


    Nissan need marketing and after market sale they stay only in major cities which doesn't make them to penetrate into second and third grade cities

  • Ankur Bajaj
    Ankur Bajaj

    Proud owner of Nissan Magnite :D

  • videosU'llLike

    It was so unexpected that initially i did'nt watched the video on first go.

  • Jeevanjyoti Banal
    Jeevanjyoti Banal

    For me Speed does not matter Matter Safty of Car.. In which Both are Not uptomark like Tata, Mahindra Cars

  • sujitm2008

    Magnite is a complete package. Good mileage, power , features , value for money and bold looking vehicle. Brilliant Japanese engineering, so you can trust the engine for its durability too. Its evident in the drag race.

  • Stan Da Man
    Stan Da Man

    That was a shocking result. Never expected the Magnite to win with it's CVT.

  • Ritesh Jain
    Ritesh Jain

    Magnificent Magnite

  • one good guy
    one good guy

    When the Comment section goes with unexpected results!!.....my mind already processed that the Nissan Magnite won the race, even without watching the whole video.😅😅

  • Lakhbir Bajwa
    Lakhbir Bajwa

    Magnite is a unsafe car I don't believe in Asian ncap They should send magnite to global ncap

  • Vivek Hiremath
    Vivek Hiremath

    Weight over power

  • KissMyMask

    Can we have a Jeep Compass petrol vs Kia seltos gt line drag race?

  • ajith kumar kannan
    ajith kumar kannan

    Need magnite vs kiger drag race

  • Gaurav Yadav
    Gaurav Yadav

    Thar petrol mt vs ________

  • Nihar Amrute
    Nihar Amrute

    Making good use of Amby valley runway 😀

  • Mukul Soni
    Mukul Soni

    Wagonr vs swift

  • Arjun Joshi
    Arjun Joshi

    Lol... hyundai and kia dct owner....splashed....no body makes better dual clutch than VW...

  • Technical Auto News
    Technical Auto News

    I owned magnite and its literary feel like paper car.....😂

  • Rupesh Gosain
    Rupesh Gosain

    Rolling race should give a more real world difference. Drag races give a general idea but not everyone is gonna have a drag race in public roads or highways. Try to include rolling races too.

  • S Sanjay
    S Sanjay

    The drag race was magniteful 💥💨

  • Vishal vishu
    Vishal vishu

    The power of energy engine 💪💪

  • krishmay vlogs
    krishmay vlogs

    Sonet anyday...

  • MuJJu

    Wo Nissan hai Cause that company gave Us 180sx,r32,godzilla and 5th gen gtr

  • Gavin Sumesh
    Gavin Sumesh

    With cvt gearbox. Its mind blowing results 😍❌❤️

  • twist ur wrist
    twist ur wrist

    Japanese engine or Koreans engine which one do you pick...if you love performance u I'll definitely go for the Japanese..

  • Sachin Taneja
    Sachin Taneja

    Hyundai creta /Kia seltos vs VW t roc awaited

  • Diptadip Choudhury
    Diptadip Choudhury

    This channel must do more drag races of such normal road cars...

  • Talk Show
    Talk Show

    I was expecting kia to win

  • Sankush Saini
    Sankush Saini

    Who said CVT’s are not fun🔥 Way to go Magnite🙌🏻

    • F1 Pro
      F1 Pro

      Fast always doesn't mean fun. CVT transmission is irritating. Rubberband effect makes it feel like engine is struggling.


    Japanese Engineering 👍

  • Arjun Ghanchi
    Arjun Ghanchi

    Who will think before in this video clear cut win Kia sonet

  • mithun mitz
    mithun mitz

    The magnite with the right colours look very stylish..

  • sachin bharadwaj
    sachin bharadwaj

    So CVT is better that dct??😨

  • San

    Nissan come back

  • rajath 2137
    rajath 2137

    The paper would say the Kia would eat the Nissan. The race just used that paper to wipe. 😂


    Yay!! Surely going to buy the magnite this December :D!!

  • Himanshu Bajaj
    Himanshu Bajaj

    CVTs are superior. Always have been, F1 had to ban them because it just ruins it for the conventional transmissions

  • kashtrophobic

    Nissan magnite💪💪💪

  • Aviatorr47

    Love my #nissanmagnite-CVT😘

  • Rhtdm


  • Manas Khanna
    Manas Khanna

    Nissan Magnite: Wins the drag Kia Sonet: Angry 1.0 L noises

  • pg sagar
    pg sagar

    I never get tired of saying this, " give CVT gearbox a matching engine and it would decimate any DCT , DSG, torque converter." After all it's one single stepless gear with infinite ratios, much like single gear of EVs. In a drag-race, Magnite CVT would beat Sonet DCT everytime.


    sonet :)

  • arpit rana
    arpit rana

    Afterall, Nissan is known for racing. Nismo is the world's best tuning subsidiary.

  • Sreekumar Raju
    Sreekumar Raju

    Nissan is 100kg lighter

    • jobu george
      jobu george

      But sonet has 20hp and 20nm more