BMW 220i Gran Coupe - front-wheel drive, 190hp petrol BMW driven | First Drive | Autocar India
The 2 Series Gran Coupe is your entry point to the BMW line-up and the range starts with the 220i petrol. Saumil Shah has the review.
0:00 - Introduction
0:47 - BMW 220i M Sport
1:04 - BMW 220i M Sport interior
1:58 - BMW 220i M Sport dimensions
2:10 - BMW 220i M Sport performance
3:54 - BMW 220i M Sport ride and handling
5:31 - BMW 220i M Sport features
5:45 - BMW 220i M Sport price and verdict
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  • Ravi Kant Verma
    Ravi Kant Verma

    better buy a skoda vrs 235

  • Ratan Rosk
    Ratan Rosk

    Looks Great but I'd never buy a FWD BMW.

  • Tanmay Chandra
    Tanmay Chandra

    Please review the EcoSport SE. Please.

  • Sagar Chatterjee
    Sagar Chatterjee

    I want a proper comparison video between A-class sedan and BMW 2 series

  • Ishaan Revankar
    Ishaan Revankar

    I would better off with A4 35 TFSI Premium Plus if I want luxury and comfort but if I want driving feel then I will buy the BMW 330i Sport. The 2 is too overpriced for what it offers.

  • Deba Sikder
    Deba Sikder

    Any day bmw 330i m sport

  • Achyuth Balaji
    Achyuth Balaji

    Petrol kicked in yo !

  • Tinku dave
    Tinku dave

    Nice review !!!


    330i is a sensible choice to any buyer

  • Smit Sanghani
    Smit Sanghani

    I love this car

  • ബണ്ടി പെരാന്തൻ
    ബണ്ടി പെരാന്തൻ

    Skoda superb 🔥

  • Mandeepsingh Bhatia
    Mandeepsingh Bhatia

    Review Model S, X or atleast 3!

    • regular Joe
      regular Joe

      For what joy?

  • pranjal shastri
    pranjal shastri

    BMW 2 Gran Coupe out class poor mans Mercedes A limousine any day!

  • Shekhar Nayak
    Shekhar Nayak

    3 series is better than this..🙂

  • Kushagra Singh
    Kushagra Singh

    overpriced by 5/6 lacs though I believe BMW would have adjusted things to make it a great drive even with fwd engine torque should have been around 320-350 range helping it to clock under 7sec that could have been great, with 330i so closely priced I seriously doubt BMW buyers will consider 220i as most are an enthusiast

  • Pratham deore
    Pratham deore

    this is tempting me to buy this car

  • Ashik michael
    Ashik michael

    Coupe means only two door but now Four door coupe, coupe suv, then in few days 7 seater coupe...

  • Harsh Vardhan Pathak
    Harsh Vardhan Pathak

    Absolute Drivers pleasure 🔥

  • Sharmila Rakshit Datta
    Sharmila Rakshit Datta

    Prefer a200

  • Prasad Sawant
    Prasad Sawant

    BMW seriously needs a new design for interiors... it seriously feels a bit of overdose of the same design.. though good but its now starting to feel a bit boring.. expect better from such a top class manufacturer

    • Abin Sakeer
      Abin Sakeer

      Me also had the same opinion before but after entering the 220 i love it. It's offering sportiness and we feel it more than premium. The feel is not how we saw on a picture.

  • adithya sheshadri
    adithya sheshadri

    Great car, but I would rather pick a Skoda Superb!

    • uvuvwevwevwe ossas
      uvuvwevwevwe ossas


    • Rufus Monteiro
      Rufus Monteiro

      Totally! Skoda Superb is such a VFM package especially when compared to the 2 series BMW'S

    • Soumyajit Roy
      Soumyajit Roy


    • Solicitor

      Yeah. Superb is more spacious and has a cavernous boot space

    • PKS

      Care to explain ? please. I would not buy because its FWD, but for same reason i would not go for Superb too.

  • Navyam Prabhaker
    Navyam Prabhaker

    Nice car but there are a lot of options available at this price point. Moreover a BMW enthusiast will never consider buying it due to FWD. So, it has quite a less scope. Only people who are desperate to buy a BMW badge will consider it and might buy it. Other than that i don't see any other target audience for this car. Had the pricing a little bit more aggressive, it could target a larger audience.

  • Vishal Kripalani
    Vishal Kripalani

    My love

  • Karthik Machaiah
    Karthik Machaiah

    BMW ❤️

  • Ashish Ranjan
    Ashish Ranjan

    I don't understand who they are targeting with this product. There are so many better options at this price point and clearly a BMW enthusiast will never opt for a FWD BWM,

    • Naeem Sayyad
      Naeem Sayyad

      3 series is way better and price difference seems not much big

  • iron man 01
    iron man 01

    Why dont bwm focus on suv

    • aditya parecha
      aditya parecha

      Dude they really good suvs

    • Varun Kumar
      Varun Kumar

      Because BMWs are made by people who love cars and love driving. They make SUVs too for people who want that. But SUVs aren’t as sporty or fun as sedans and coupes.

  • Benson & Benjo Official
    Benson & Benjo Official

    Autocar : whattacar review!

  • Swayam Krishnan
    Swayam Krishnan

    40.90 lakh. Hahahahaha, I'd rather by a Mercedes c class.

    • Sidharth Sreekumar
      Sidharth Sreekumar

      A200 Limousine is the competition now. Price hiked for C Class.

    • Hardik Gupta
      Hardik Gupta

      C class costs around 70 lakhs.

    • Grid

      It costs 62 lakhs on road in Chennai lol

    • ps 25
      ps 25

      c class is now almost 60 lacs OTR bro😂

    • sumit singhi
      sumit singhi

      you will get second hand c class in 40

  • mainak chakraborty
    mainak chakraborty

    Beautiful review. Thank you.

  • Swayam Krishnan
    Swayam Krishnan

    Keep up the brilliant content! Solid review!

  • Abhirami Elangovan
    Abhirami Elangovan


  • Syed M Yahya
    Syed M Yahya


  • Arjun Bhatia
    Arjun Bhatia