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Forgettable as 2020 was, it did give us some rather memorable cars and bikes. Welcome to the Autocar Awards 2021 where we honour the best of the best of the year gone by.
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0:00 - Introduction
1:18 - Shri Nitin Gadkari address
2:57 - Hormazd Sorabjee address
3:57 - Rakesh Jain, CEO- RGI address
5:26 - Best Design and Styling
5:52 - Variant of the Year
6:34 - Value for Money Car
7:06 - Green Car of the Year
7:34 - Green Two-Wheeler of the Year
8:03 - Scooter of the Year
8:29 - Import Bike of the Year
8:45 - Performance Bike of the Year
9:12 - Premium Bike of the Year
9:44 - Performance Car of the Year
10:14 - Performance SUV of the Year
10:44 - Premium MPV of the Year
11:09 - Hatchback of the Year
11:38 - Sedan of the Year
12:10 - Luxury Sedan of the Year
12:41 - Compact SUV of the Year
13:11 - Mid-size SUV of the Year
13:51 - Premium SUV of the Year
14:22 - Luxury SUV of the Year
14:49 - Lifetime Achievement Award
15:29 - Person of the Year
16:05 - Manufacturer of the Year
16:57 - Bike of the Year
18:15 - Car of the Year
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  • Autocar India
    Autocar India

    Hi folks! The earlier video had an audio glitch. Sorry for that. Back to regular programming! :-) Watch our Car of the Year 2021 jury round ► Watch our Bike of the Year 2021 jury round ►

    • YASH Gaming
      YASH Gaming

      No problem

    • Poorna Chandu PV
      Poorna Chandu PV

      Dont worry....we can understand ur constant striving for quality output!

  • Racing Planet
    Racing Planet

    11:38 the moment youve waited for!!!

  • Collective Divine Energy
    Collective Divine Energy

    Techno in the background, great music !

  • महाकाल भक्त
    महाकाल भक्त

    Feeling proud of owning a bike of the year.....meteor 350

  • Sail Along
    Sail Along

    Kia Sonet ❤️❤️

  • Sir Gobbledygook
    Sir Gobbledygook

    Didn't expect Honda City to be the best sedan! Must drive it sometime... Does it really hold up against skoda octavia?

  • Vaibhav Garg
    Vaibhav Garg

    I'd pick honda hness over the meteor

  • Ricky Biswas
    Ricky Biswas

    The Thar is the only vehicle which I like amongst the Indian car lineup ! Rest all are making boring cars ! I have taken ride in the new Thar ,even as a proper 4x4 vehicle it is as comfortable as a Mahindra XUV300!

  • Sriranga Achar
    Sriranga Achar

    Hi, Always look forward to your yearly awards, its a validation of claims by all auto companies. Bit let down by your bike of the year:-(. Having ridden both Meteor and CB 350, former is definitely two notches below the later. Am a proud Indian but it simply isnt near CB in refinements, driveability and reliability. Hope we look beyond borders to rate best on all parameters. Disclaimer: I am not associated with Honda in anyway except I own and ride the lovely CB 350:-).


    Hope none of u have noticed rishad and renuka look Oscar level prepared ❤️😂and I love when journalists look and deserve the best 🔥

  • Marcel V.
    Marcel V.

    Proud to be an Indian make..

  • Debattam Das
    Debattam Das

    Love the fact that Hyundai-Kia scooping out all the tasty pastries of the economy section.

  • Debattam Das
    Debattam Das

    Honda city receiving the best sedan award and also getting discontinued says a lot about the segment. Adios friend!

  • manu mishra
    manu mishra

    My pick is Mahindra Thar automatic in petrol

  • Ravi Krishna
    Ravi Krishna

    Honda Cb350 Best Bike Launched In 2020🔥

  • chaitanya mangisetty
    chaitanya mangisetty

    Thanks for all the efforts! However - premium SUV - MG Gloster??? This was not right I feel. There are much better SUVs in this price segment.

    • Chitra Nagarajan
      Chitra Nagarajan

      Only one full size SUV launched bro. It's only Gloster. That reward is for their segments and good response from Autocar peoples.

  • gaurav rajpal
    gaurav rajpal

    Autobile industry 👍👍


    Waiting for next generation XUV 500

  • Zoophilia

    May next year's best car be NexGen XUV500...Waiting..


    Where is maruti?

  • Vasantha Kumar
    Vasantha Kumar


  • jake johnson
    jake johnson

    Hatchback of the year is Tata Altroz

  • Ashish Philip
    Ashish Philip

    Happy with the winners but surprised Safari got no mention at all..

  • Torquebeast 650
    Torquebeast 650

    Thar ❤️ Gloster❤️ I20❤️ Meteor 350❤️

  • Prateek Raghav
    Prateek Raghav

    Better than any Bollywood award.

  • Shankar Balan
    Shankar Balan

    The Thar deserves it. It’s a 5 Star Thar not just a Car...I think it is the best thing so far to come out of Mahindra’s stables....I should know, I own one.

  • Sidhartha Raj
    Sidhartha Raj

    This should be a learning for Maruti Suzuki who sells more than a lakh car per month but not a single award. It is a humble request to Maruti Suzuki to concentrate on its weak points & update its portfolio.

  • Check Cyng
    Check Cyng

    Sedan of year honda city ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sahaya Raju
    Sahaya Raju

    I own a Honda city 2015 petrol model which has a gem of an engine which never lets you down during driving. Glad and proud to know that City won the sedan of the year award. Proud moment for all city lovers. God bless you all.

  • Aryajit Dutta
    Aryajit Dutta

    Car of the year and bike of the year, both are from Indian manufacturers. Salute

  • Subha Das
    Subha Das

    If I buy a car in future, it would be a mahindra.

  • jaymangal singh
    jaymangal singh

    I think honda cb350 r is more better..

  • Hell Boy
    Hell Boy

    Proud moment of every Indian when Thar scores it

  • Atul Morarka
    Atul Morarka

    Quality award function

  • karthik krish
    karthik krish

    Satisfied with all the awards except : i20, sonet and Gloster 😪 come one there are more than cosmetic gimmicks to a car!


      Better than sonet?

  • Rachna Garg
    Rachna Garg

    Very nice video 👍

  • Samprith Patel
    Samprith Patel

    Thanks Mahindra for the wonderful product ::THAR

  • Kumaran V V
    Kumaran V V

    missing engine of the year

  • Naheed Alvi
    Naheed Alvi

    How can u people give a design award to Altroz it's so ugly it should have gone to i20


    Is This Taj Palace SP marg Delhi

  • Harshal Sanwatsarkar
    Harshal Sanwatsarkar

    Upload the full ceremony of awards without uncut

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel

    No doubt Pawan Goenka made Mahindra reach to new heights and with the launch of new THAR it has really made a dent in the Indian Automotive Segment . Well done ✅

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel

    Very sad to see Maruti Suzuki nowhere on the list. Guys, why are you not innovating something new and delightful for the Indian consumers?

  • Adithya Rajamani
    Adithya Rajamani

    Thar and Meteor 🔥🔥🔥

  • Chintan Bhalodiya
    Chintan Bhalodiya

    No Maruti Car in any award...also no Creta Seltos despite high selling in market..!!!

  • techi kakung
    techi kakung

    😂😂Excellent!! Please lower the price also

  • Thejesh G
    Thejesh G

    Great work #autocarindia. You guys are just so fabulous. You have put in great efforts in bringing out one of the finest automobiles of the year. Adding on, I'm really proud that I own the bike of the year, one of Royal Enfields' great works. #Autocarindia just doing great, you will have our huge support.👏🙌

  • Professor

    Meteor ❤

  • Faiz Ak
    Faiz Ak

    That means I own both " the car and the of the year "😎😎😌❤️

  • Vijay Kumar Sankaran
    Vijay Kumar Sankaran

    Thar & Meteor 350!! That's awesome 👍👍👍

  • Sourav Choudhary
    Sourav Choudhary

    Congratulations to Mahindra for such a big achievement after a long time🎇🎇🎉🎉

  • nochet2211

    If not for the interiors I'd have booked the Thar myself. Booked a Harrier instead. Still a deserving winner❤️

  • Alwyn George
    Alwyn George

    I think Citroen C5 aircross will get the next year's award!

    • Maulik Khurana
      Maulik Khurana

      Jeep’s way better dude!

    • Divyam Kulshrestha
      Divyam Kulshrestha

      For the most ambitious and overpriced launch of the year?

  • RaJ


  • Vasista vanapalli
    Vasista vanapalli

    Amazing to see none of the Maruti Suzuki cars winning an award but yet topped the sales charts for all the months in 2020

    • Hemang Saini
      Hemang Saini

      People still blinded by budget cars and the utter bullshit thinking "kitna deti hai" instead of quality and safe vehicles. People need to realise the REASON behind those so called budget cars. I would rather buy an altroz than brezza. Period.

    • Pranav P
      Pranav P

      Maruti Suzuki did not have any new products for how can they be running for the awards?

    • Utham M S
      Utham M S

      Unfortunately not everyone buys the best. Price plays a major role in purchase in India. Maruti has always sold it based on cost and kitna deti hai. They have people who blindly follow them. Having owned maruti’s in the past, I will never go back to them, simply because the quality isn’t on par, service is pathetic, service costs are no where close to cheap like they promote, service is a hogwash and the list goes on

    • Punish Sharma
      Punish Sharma

      They didn't launch a new car in 2020.

    • Blaster Xx
      Blaster Xx

      Sales matter more than any award sales itself is a award

  • Animesh Singh Rajawat
    Animesh Singh Rajawat

    So happy to see my dear car, Honda City 5th gen winning Sedan of the year❤️

  • Sharvay Nagaonkar
    Sharvay Nagaonkar

    Both of them are indian brands! finally good to see them churning out good quality products

  • Devashish Adhikari
    Devashish Adhikari

    Loved the awards show waaaaaay better presented than car and bike awards which sounded too biased maybe due to lack of sponsors.

  • subhadeep Mukherjee
    subhadeep Mukherjee

    Mahindra Thar 🥰🥰🥰😍

  • mathen khumaar
    mathen khumaar

    Wow Renuka looks great!!!

  • Navneet Mehta
    Navneet Mehta

    Premium SUV Gloster... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Unit Sold In Mar 21 just 463 😀

    • Chitra Nagarajan
      Chitra Nagarajan

      Hey. Gloster sold 505 units in March 2021.

    • Thomson sunil
      Thomson sunil

      That car has lot to offer......when comparing with the competition....if sales is concerned Maruti Suzuki will get all the awards

    • Suyash Kaul
      Suyash Kaul

      By this logic, Maruti should be the manufacturer of the year

    • Blind Teleport
      Blind Teleport

      Alturas 🙁🙁🙁

  • Dhruv Shetty
    Dhruv Shetty

    I predicted that these two would win. I should be winning the contest that asked us about the winners.

  • Kamlesh Chand
    Kamlesh Chand

    Go Mahindra !! It is the indianess which makes the car and brand Mahindra very popular with us all! Looking forward to owning one soon.

  • Jyotirmay Raghuwanshi
    Jyotirmay Raghuwanshi

    And next year, the car of the year will be the Mahindra "XUV700".

  • Sanchay Shiv
    Sanchay Shiv

    I'm here for Nitin Gadkari Ji ✊. Who is one and only an Intellectual Personality 👌.

  • Rache Wetsah
    Rache Wetsah

    Thar 🔥🔥🔥

  • ganesh ponnusamy
    ganesh ponnusamy


  • Srijay Pillai
    Srijay Pillai


  • Lakhan Katare
    Lakhan Katare

    Mahindra Thar 😘😘😘 Now Wait for New Generation Mahindra Scorpio & XUV500 🔥🔥🔥

    • Seema Bora
      Seema Bora

      Btw, It'll be named as XUV700

  • Pankaj

    Very good 👍


    6:05 Variant of the Year should go to Honda City V variant which comes with ESP,VSA, traction control,brake assist,hill hold assist,agile handling assist,4 airbags,tpms which comes standard from base V variant which no car maker is giving standard from base variant Although Rapid rider is value for money but it is decade old product

    • Ayan Das
      Ayan Das

      I am planning to buy the 5th gen City. Can you tell me which variant to go for when my major concerns are CVT automatic and infotainment pack( 8 inch screen with lane assist camera). Budget is 12l. If City is unavailable in that range with those features should I go for 4th gen or any other car?

    • SAHIL

      @Animesh Singh Rajawat City is the best overall practical sedan❤🔥💯

    • Animesh Singh Rajawat
      Animesh Singh Rajawat

      100% true, it's extreme value for money 👍, I also have the Honda City ZX manual bro❤️

  • Karikor Kharkongor
    Karikor Kharkongor

    Mughda Mishra 😍😍😍


    11:38 Honda City❤️❤️

  • beast

    Gadkari ji Bob the builder

  • Kevin Jojo Payyapilly
    Kevin Jojo Payyapilly

    I thought hyundai creta is the car of the year

  • Muhammad Shaju
    Muhammad Shaju

    No awards for Maruti Suzuki this time 😅

  • ar_ krrish
    ar_ krrish

    It's re-uploaded!

  • Mitesh Sonkusare
    Mitesh Sonkusare

    #Nitin #Gadkari best #Minister in India

    • munna bhaiyya
      munna bhaiyya

      yeah most knowledgeable

  • chiluxr

    No Maruti. Cuz they are busy eating market share lol

  • G.B slang
    G.B slang

    Thanks to who ever put the award timing in the description !!

  • Aamir Ayaaz
    Aamir Ayaaz

    Pawan Goenka, legend and father of scorpio🔥🔥🔥❤️one of my favourite personality out there


    Where is Pratap bose❤️

  • mandar haldankar
    mandar haldankar

    Most of the winners were quite obvious. Renuka was center of attraction 😁

  • dhruv pal
    dhruv pal

    No award for honda cb350

    • CRIC

      lol . Maybe they also couldn't have it because of non availability of showroom . 😂

  • Meban_The_Solivagant

    Am glad that I bought the new mahindra Thar !

  • Chitra Nagarajan
    Chitra Nagarajan

    Disappointed to see MG winning 1 award. Bad luck. For Mid Size Electric Car of the year should have been ZS EV. And Variant of the year should have been Hector Plus. But, congratulations for winning an award.

  • Vivek Kantesaria
    Vivek Kantesaria

    Where did you organised this? 🤔

    • r g
      r g


  • Partha Sarathy
    Partha Sarathy

    THAR conquers everything in its path !!! Big fat thanks to Autocar India and automobile juries and journalists. Love ❤️

  • Chandra Rinawma
    Chandra Rinawma

    Wow so beautiful mam

  • Thrivikram Car enthusiast
    Thrivikram Car enthusiast

    Oh man. I thought honda city is the car of the year. Anyways waiting for this!!!!


    Legends knows that it's re-uploaded 😌

  • FastFingers

    first view again best design should have gone to the new i20 or the seltos

    • Divyam Kulshrestha
      Divyam Kulshrestha

      Seltos was launched in 2019. Not to offend anyone, but i20 is nowhere close to the best design

  • Abhinav Ranjan
    Abhinav Ranjan

    Gadkari sir❤️❤️❤️

  • Himmat singh
    Himmat singh

    Thar is beast mode car looking

  • Pinak Pani
    Pinak Pani

    Mahindra Thar🔥❤️

  • tomsonks

    Yeah!... The audio of winners is fine now!😁

  • Enlightened Pikachu
    Enlightened Pikachu

    Was waiting for this tbh

  • Bhavi Upadhyaya
    Bhavi Upadhyaya

    First comment,good voice renu

  • Ayaan Akailvi
    Ayaan Akailvi


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