2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 review - Is the petrol GLA the one to buy? | First Drive | Autocar India
The second-gen Mercedes-Benz GLA will be available with petrol and diesel engines. Does the GLA 200 petrol impress as much as the GLA 220d diesel? Shapur Kotwal has the answer.
Cameraperson: Anand Malepu
Editor: Siddhesh Kadam
Watch out full review of the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA diesel - infun.info/http/v-iy/ZYallGKgu5hpdrc.html
0:00 - Introduction
0:41 - 2021 GLA petrol engine and performance
3:11 - 2021 GLA petrol ride and handling
4:24 - 2021 GLA petrol interior and features
6:00 - 2021 GLA space
6:39 - 2021 GLA petrol price estimate and verdict
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  • Autocar India
    Autocar India

    Watch our full review of the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA diesel! infun.info/http/v-iy/ZYallGKgu5hpdrc.html

  • Nithin B S
    Nithin B S

    43 to 45 lakhs highly expensive, there are lot of other cars with good features under this price

  • Dr. Shubhashis Saikia
    Dr. Shubhashis Saikia

    Front grill looks better than 220d



  • Sourav Choudhary
    Sourav Choudhary

    Price is a little high

  • John Davidson
    John Davidson

    I'd prefer the petrol GLA over the diesel GLA, cause it's more value for money.

  • Nihar Anoop
    Nihar Anoop

    wow so same engine as the duster?😂

  • B.M. Nihaal
    B.M. Nihaal

    not satisfied with the pricing, its costing more for a not so worthy upgrade.

  • Ayush Parakh
    Ayush Parakh

    Please make video on base model of GLA

  • Tushit Chaturvedi
    Tushit Chaturvedi

    Even do a review of AMG Gla 35

  • Mohit Tarachand
    Mohit Tarachand

    Forget the Mercedes, Mr Shapur you are looking more smart. Looks like you lost weight...Amazing as always... love your passion in presenting these Car-ree details to us. Keep it up.

  • Mohammed Mustafaraza
    Mohammed Mustafaraza

    Vadodara ahmedabad jaipur make video lamborgini car

  • Solicitor

    Pricing of this really makes Skoda Karoq value for money....


    I think x1 is the better choice than this gla 🤔

  • akc

    43+ for a 1.3 … and let’s not forget the missing parking sensors 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • thakur suhas
    thakur suhas

    It has Renault and Nissan alliance engine so the R&D of this engine is done by Renault and Nissan

  • Kenny Mere
    Kenny Mere

    Mercedes interior is superior !

  • Joshua Peters
    Joshua Peters

    Mercedes : the best or nothing.

  • Hiteshwar Sidhu
    Hiteshwar Sidhu

    Xc40 is still way ahead with radar based technology and many more features


      True and is much bigger looks like an suv and can be assured of safety

  • Varun

    That interior is not up to Merc standards. No Android/Apple carplay...wth! Not even a smart key! Sheesh. Thumbs down for this I'm afraid

  • Krishna Ready
    Krishna Ready

    When will the full review of urus pearl capsule comes autocar pls 🙏could u guys do it my humble request

  • Ranjan Malakar
    Ranjan Malakar

    Seems well specced but disappointing that the proximity sensors are missing.

  • Shakthi Kumar
    Shakthi Kumar

    the interior on mercedes like lighting is insane tbh ☺ ♥

  • Kamera Kirukkalgal
    Kamera Kirukkalgal

    Did he said engine is shared with Nissan? Means it’s Nissan on Benz or Benz on Nissan?

  • Gaming on Android
    Gaming on Android

    90% people do not even revv the engine past 3000 rpm

    • Dash Cam Owners India
      Dash Cam Owners India

      only while overtaking I guess

  • Manu Ram
    Manu Ram

    For 45 lakh i would prefer ford endeavour which is quite large 4wd and with less maintenance

    • Maddening Monk
      Maddening Monk

      It's Ford. Case closed.

  • Chaitanya Bagul
    Chaitanya Bagul

    While reviewing the last row seats it’ll be more helpful if you let us know what’s the height of the person reviewing. Would be able to relate accordingly.

  • Abhishek Gupta
    Abhishek Gupta

    Is it fwd or rwd ???🤔🤔

  • 35-Naimish Panchani
    35-Naimish Panchani

    Dashboard design is amazing

  • Be8

    This is the one to buy,no one does off-roading in these and you get rid of the diesel. Thumbs up to Shapur though,old man's on a roll right now.

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    mercedes is widening the competition difference between the BMW and Audi is out of competition as it failed to offer variety of range of models and facelifts

  • Linga Moorthy
    Linga Moorthy

    Wow luxury car 😍😍😍

  • That's Unique
    That's Unique

    Like a pro version of Mercedes Suv section 🔥🔥. That's why fav 😍

  • Kanishka Rana
    Kanishka Rana

    Please bring more online interview of designers.... It really helps...

    • Kanishka Rana
      Kanishka Rana

      @Autocar India yes I really like it. And I have watched it 6 to 7 times... Pls bring more like this.

    • Autocar India
      Autocar India

      Hope you like this one! infun.info/http/v-iy/oWKKh5SkmqefZrc.html

  • Aditya Jaison
    Aditya Jaison

    I think the interior of GLA is better than the GLC.....Still you have to pay more for GLC🤔🤔🤨

    • Prabhu Shankar
      Prabhu Shankar

      It is larger and offers more space inside and in the boot. It’s built on a better platform and it’s add on features are not present on the GLA


    Gla 🔥

  • Tushar Gaikwad
    Tushar Gaikwad


  • Darpin Mevcha
    Darpin Mevcha

    I agree with you, Autocar. The diesel engine is the better one. (Btw..first comment, hehe)

  • Dipti Dutta
    Dipti Dutta

    2nd view

  • Bharath Shindhe
    Bharath Shindhe

    First one to post

  • Himanshu Kumar
    Himanshu Kumar

    Video is awesome

  • Bhavya Dhawan
    Bhavya Dhawan

    First 😁

  • Himanshu Kumar
    Himanshu Kumar

    First view and first comment

  • Tavish gamer
    Tavish gamer


  • Syed M Yahya
    Syed M Yahya

    Make Video on GLA AmG If possible 😉

  • Aditya Jaison
    Aditya Jaison

    First comment🔥🔥🔥