2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R review - R-rated! | First Ride | Autocar India
The manic Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R gets significant updates for 2021. Rishaad Mody runs you through what's changed and tells you what the litre-class hero is like in the real-world.
Cameraperson: Dinesh Harale
Editor: Siddhesh Kadam
0:00 - Introduction
0:31 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R updates
1:33 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R seat height & ergonomics
3:09 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R display
4:00 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R performance
5:37 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R top speed
5:44 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R handling and braking
7:27 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R electronics
8:14 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R cruise control
8:39 - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R price in India and verdict
#GoProIndia #GoProHero9Black #ZX10R
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  • prince jaiswal
    prince jaiswal

    Zx 10r Vs s1000 RR Vs Panigale V2 which one is the best super bike🔥

  • K P S GILL
    K P S GILL

    this bike is short or he is tooo tall


    The Front is Pretty Similar to The H2 and H2R.

  • Balaram Sathya Prasad
    Balaram Sathya Prasad

    Super review by Rishad

  • himan -ka
    himan -ka

    Please please do compare with other litter class bike please 🙏

  • Akhilesh Veldanda
    Akhilesh Veldanda

    Make a video on race track

  • saurabh muneshwar
    saurabh muneshwar

    I hate this new design

  • FPietros

    SUPER ugly...

  • Sooryakiran

    But the water mark is integrated inside the windshield and hidden behind the number plate

  • Bikash Singh
    Bikash Singh

    I am waiting only for my busa by the way nice review 👌👍

  • Vladsta

    nice review

  • Vishwavijay patil
    Vishwavijay patil

    I`ll just bring the 2021 Fireblade against it, with slight ECU unlock and with just above 7k RPM this will burst 10R(Vtec yo). I suppose Autocar will miss that comparison between 10R and RR R

  • clint fernandes
    clint fernandes

    I personally like it without any graphics.

  • shahbaaz shaikh
    shahbaaz shaikh

    It’s looks so amazing but no pillion seat 😕

  • Hitesh Pradhan
    Hitesh Pradhan

    Looks like a green fireblade sppp

  • Apurv Mishra
    Apurv Mishra

    Is it just me or you guys also saw a mask man monster when the front view was shown?😂 0:48


    Now wait for RR fireblade RRR $ RRR $ RRR BIG RR wing RR

  • Shariff

    Track Track Track where is it?

  • Bhavesh Patil
    Bhavesh Patil


  • Dheepratim Das
    Dheepratim Das

    Much awaited video

  • Hritik Roshan
    Hritik Roshan

    I am in love

  • Sach Thegamer
    Sach Thegamer

    Slowly Kawasaki design starting to look like Panigale from front

  • Manideep

    @8:52 No special feeling .. Like the panigale ??? . The last time i've noticed Ducati owners having special feeling died with expenses on their Ducatis, some complain and some don't. Its a Kawasaki, meaning, it's here to change course and up the ante without costing much.

  • Richik Dutta
    Richik Dutta

    If possible then please review the new cbr 250 rr 2021 model.(white and red combo colour one would be great)

  • Roshan Chachane
    Roshan Chachane

    It's wrong to assume customers in this segment doesn't care about pillion seat, every guy wants to ride with her girlfriend in a superbike.

  • Anuj Singh
    Anuj Singh

    Kitna deti hai??

  • NK K
    NK K

    Man.. M so jealous of u automobile journalists!! U get to drive all the amazing vehicles.. What a life for an enthusiast!!

  • Siddharth Bisht
    Siddharth Bisht

    People hate the new ZX10r looks in photos... But believe me it looks absolutely it really looks great

  • Uzma Siddiqui
    Uzma Siddiqui

    this bike like kawasaki h2

  • Jayadev Kumbhar
    Jayadev Kumbhar

    5:5 guys can ride this bike ????

    • Gaurav Parida
      Gaurav Parida

      Yeah but you will have to tip toe.

  • lalit kumar
    lalit kumar

    You guys should do more superbike reviews.

  • Sml officials
    Sml officials

    Review street triple rs

  • Arjun Basumatary
    Arjun Basumatary

    ok let's be true when we first saw it in the news, photos, Googles,,, we didn't like it right? but now 😶 damnnnn its a big crush❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • shadab fareedi
    shadab fareedi

    Can't wait for zx-25r

    • Gaurav Parida
      Gaurav Parida

      It won't come to India.

  • Auto Critic
    Auto Critic

    In terms of design I preferred the old bike!

  • Bombay Motorcycle Stories Official
    Bombay Motorcycle Stories Official

    This Kawasaki is greener than the dry surroundings! Love summer...love Kawasaki 🍻

  • Satyen Narke
    Satyen Narke

    Nice good review. What's the location of this shoot? Looked like amby valley at first, but the roads are not that good now

    • Prathamesh Kale
      Prathamesh Kale

      Hi sir big fan sir

  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam

    A bike with the face of a car

  • Prince Vlogs
    Prince Vlogs

    Stop painting your bike like a 6 yr olds drawing sheet. Give it clean crisp classic colours please.

  • wale nikhil
    wale nikhil

    I love autocar Reviews. They are no nonsense and straight to the point. If you want to get to know a product fully in minimum possible time watch Autocar reviews. Their favourite road to test machines is Lonavla-Amby Valley Road.

  • Uday Raj Singh Chauhan
    Uday Raj Singh Chauhan

    'Trident' next please

  • Highway To Hill
    Highway To Hill

    Kawasaki rules the liter segment in India.

  • gokul arjunan
    gokul arjunan

    Its face looks like kola bear

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar

    Sir can you please put a review for TRIUMPH TRIDENT 660

  • Vishwas_13.

    Very owsame video 🔥🔥 and a good information❤ #zx10r so very nice👍.।।

  • Ashutosh kumar Dixit
    Ashutosh kumar Dixit

    H2 R&D is visible, great review as usual.

  • Manish Panwar
    Manish Panwar

    I will go for the old one that old one is sex on the wheels

  • Manish Panwar
    Manish Panwar

    Why it looks ugly from the front

  • Kurush Unwalla
    Kurush Unwalla

    Thanks Rishaad, superbly detailed first ride review once again. More committed ergos, my God. I had a short ride on a friends bike a year or so ago and my wrists were complaining. Don’t really feel the need for cruise control on rockets such as these at all, don’t know why they even bother. But I guess since BMW did it, Kawasaki must. Cheers

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody

      Thanks Kurush, achy wrists are a way of life with these things. Cheers!

  • Amaan Khan
    Amaan Khan

    170kmph in first gear? Wow. For majority of us that's our bikes top speed

    • Amogh Rao
      Amogh Rao

      Twice the top speed.

  • Rama Chandra
    Rama Chandra

    Nah, I don't like the new front design, anyone else feel the same ?

  • Sudhindra Shenoy
    Sudhindra Shenoy

    Really love Rishaad's work at Autocar India! Eloquently reviewed.

  • Binish Benny
    Binish Benny

    Old ZX10R looks like a 1000cc super bike... Now this looks like a 400cc segment

  • Krishna

    Not a fan of those headlamps design.. Eww

  • Polly Fernandes
    Polly Fernandes

    Is it possible to Add back pillion cushion if needed 🤔..is there a option?

    • Binod Boss
      Binod Boss

      Have the same question ? Is it possible to add rear pillion seat


    Ducati bikes sounds like ktm 200😂😂

  • Vicky Kumar
    Vicky Kumar

    My dream bike.....I just love kawasaki's

  • Mahadev Chaugule
    Mahadev Chaugule

    The most avaited review of 2021 ❤️❤️

  • Roshan Mathew
    Roshan Mathew

    The previous model was way too better than this oh man that black smoked headlights

  • Sid Udgirkar
    Sid Udgirkar

    Front of new Zx 10r looks like custom yamaha r15 v3.😕

  • Siddiq Ahmed
    Siddiq Ahmed

    review for CBR650R BS6 !?


    Fuck.. this man is really tall. Like very very tall. That's why he is having complain about seating posture. An average height person like 5.7 or above will find it pretty comfortable.

  • Aritra Chakraborty
    Aritra Chakraborty

    The square accents on the front end is beautifully retro.

  • Shashi Bhushan
    Shashi Bhushan

    K I T N A D E T I H A I ?

  • Glitch Man
    Glitch Man

    Bruh those side reflectors 💀😑what is this is a Hercules cycle?


    If 2021 hayabusa comes same price the market get affected because busa is also legend

    • Nitesh Kumar
      Nitesh Kumar

      Have you seen the V strom pricing, it is the same bike with a BS6 compliant engine. I would be surprised if it launches below 16.5 lacs ex-showroom.

    • angel angel
      angel angel

      I hope so, fingers crossed

  • S truth
    S truth

    I think its first review of new zx10r by indian .....thanks

  • kosti narain
    kosti narain

    Best for the price...BEST

  • Vaibhav Gudipaty
    Vaibhav Gudipaty

    whos here after JS Films bought the first one in INDIA!!!!!!

    • Sandeep Bhuyan
      Sandeep Bhuyan

      First 2021 10r reviews in india

    • ANUJ Agarwal
      ANUJ Agarwal


  • JS Films
    JS Films

    Wow lovely information and nicely reviewed 👍 now i am more happy with my decision 🎉

    • Autocar India
      Autocar India

      Congrats JS on your ZX-10R!! 🙌

    • Nitish Sawant
      Nitish Sawant

      JS PAJJI.. Congrats for you new ZX10R too...💐💐💐😊😊😊


      Congratulations js films ❤️. . ... #200-200

    • Sachin Pandey
      Sachin Pandey

      congratulations brother

    • Devashísh Chaudhary
      Devashísh Chaudhary

      Congratulations for ZX10R Pari 2.0 🥳 🥳🥳🥳

  • vinay daniel
    vinay daniel

    Jason Paji already purchase it (JS Flim)

  • j v
    j v

    Bmw m1000rr pe video bana o please sir 🙏🙏🙏

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody

      Only if BMW has a test bike, which is unlikely 🙃

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza

    The old speedo was just something else !!!

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody

      Yep, loved that display!

  • Joshi R
    Joshi R

    Looks similar to H2

  • Vaibhav Halgekar
    Vaibhav Halgekar

    Useless motorcycle for the indian riding conditions... We need powerful useful motorcycle....🙏

  • Harsh Mahajan
    Harsh Mahajan

    Good review given by the boy. He needs promotion

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody

      Hahah, thanks... uncle ji?

  • 23 Ken Pereira
    23 Ken Pereira

    Power : 203 ; Weight : 207 With an aftermarket full system exhaust the power to weight ratio would go crazy 🤯 Props to Kawasaki


      With ram air intake power goes upto 213 hp

    • Manideep

      Yes. A full system Akra or Arrow should bring P:W to 1:1 ... What a build !


    I was waiting for fule meter 🙄 nd now I'm dis appoint I'm going for Ninja 1000 wasted my time in this hype I was getting honeycomb version at 14lac on road with arrow and big wing screen and now that gone out 😭 me on my way for ninja1000 😭 if any one want to sale Zx10r honeycomb around 13,14lac pls drop comment

  • Rakesh Sahoo
    Rakesh Sahoo

    Most awaited review. Excellent as always.

  • Bashav Hazarika
    Bashav Hazarika

    Excellent Review 👍

  • Ankit Shelke
    Ankit Shelke

    Does it come via CKD? Because, it's a phenomenal VFM.

    • Monojit sukla123
      Monojit sukla123

      yea man aa most of the Kawasaki comes ckd that why it Price around 16 lakh on road Delhi..... earlier in 2012 when ckd was not there ...this bike cost around 19 lakh on road ...3 to 3.5 lakh more due to import ...duty ....

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody

      It does. The value is fantastic for sure.

  • Kushal 1127
    Kushal 1127

    It's the best VFM bike in its Segment for sure 👍❤️😍

  • Bwisw Muthiari
    Bwisw Muthiari

    The stock bike is heavily restricted you can't do a review without an ecu flash

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody

      We review bikes as sold by the manufacturer. This was way too much for the public road anyway.

  • Kushal 1127
    Kushal 1127

    Old bike was looking good

  • ARJUN jain
    ARJUN jain

    It's powerfull but not practical like ninja 1000sx..so I will prefer ninja 1000sx no matter how much bhp this bike produce...for me COMFORT MATTERS🙏

    • ThePixelVentures

      Ninja 1000 is way heavier than 10r and looks ugly from the back

  • Somak Aditya
    Somak Aditya

    missing the old led Tachometer ....rest everything is superb

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody

      I miss that too.

  • Anshuman Baishya
    Anshuman Baishya

    Where is Ninja 300 review??!!

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody

      The BS6 bike has no changes beyond meeting emissions compliance.

  • SAD Ahmd
    SAD Ahmd

    I would love to take my gf but this dosent have a pillon seat😒

  • Yathuprem S
    Yathuprem S

    200+ HP, Whoaaa. Anyway awesome review Autocar bike team, u guys always take it to an another level.

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody


  • kiran behara
    kiran behara

    At 2:09...you told the cameraman to move..so he started moving slowly 😂😂

  • Pawan Yadav
    Pawan Yadav

    First zx10r 2021 of india owned by jsfilms india

    • ANUJ Agarwal
      ANUJ Agarwal

      Yes ..

  • Ajinkya Katta
    Ajinkya Katta

    Great review. If only I could afford this monster. Someday hopefully 🏍️

  • Sudip Borgoyary
    Sudip Borgoyary

    Thats what we r waiting for...❤️ Comment first now m going to enjoy the video😬

  • Kunal Patwa
    Kunal Patwa

    That's a lot of lean angle for the street, you're getting better and better

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody

      Hey Kunal! No knee down drama though :p

  • Yash Amin
    Yash Amin

    Thank you Autocar

  • Ride with Natul
    Ride with Natul

    Thanks AutoCAr India really love ur team 🔥

  • Spade

    Cant wait for hayabusa review when launched.

    • angel angel
      angel angel

      I'm waiting to decide between both

    • Rishaad Mody
      Rishaad Mody

      We're waiting too 😀

  • Немезида & TMKOC
    Немезида & TMKOC

    zx10r bolte 🔥 cheapest litre class that too from kawasaki


    waiting for 10RR

  • Sourav Choudhary
    Sourav Choudhary

    Day by Day Autocar is doing well on the intro of videos by which I am impressed 👌👌👍👍💯💯