2021 Hyundai Alcazar first impression - The Creta for large families | First Look | Autocar India
Think of the Hyundai Alcazar as an XL-sized Creta with a third row of seats. While we can't show the car in full as yet, Renuka Kirpalani tells you what to expect. Hyundai Alcazar prices will be announced at launch but you can expect a price tag in the range of Rs 12-20 lakh (ex-showroom).
0:00 - Introduction
0:45 - Hyundai Alcazar styling
1:24 - Hyundai Alcazar boot
1:38 - Hyundai Alcazar interior
3:10 - Hyundai Alcazar engines
3:38 - Hyundai Alcazar petrol quick review
4:49 - Hyundai Alcazar first impression
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  • Adharv Shybu
    Adharv Shybu

    Can you plzz help ... I am confused no which car to buy MG HECTOR or Hyundai alcazar

  • Guru s
    Guru s

    Looks like Lincoln navigator from rear ..😅😅

  • Mithran A
    Mithran A

    Alloys looks like magnite

  • anupam chamuah
    anupam chamuah

    Look like creta + or XL.

  • Sai Charan
    Sai Charan

    Creta's brother Lets wait for kia's sibling..

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner

    doesn't look quite DIFFERENT from CRETA

  • ARK. Come together.
    ARK. Come together.

    Great Review....

  • Dhanasekar Vellore
    Dhanasekar Vellore

    Addictive background music can anyone tell where can I get this music from?

  • Manohar Kg
    Manohar Kg

    Same like creta only change is rear light and seen seater suv

  • Navneet

    The good thing it has got 18 inch wheels instead of 17.

  • ok boss
    ok boss

    Worst allow wheels design

  • Ibrahim Bakhshi
    Ibrahim Bakhshi

    Bgm on point

  • vikram kaushik
    vikram kaushik


  • Moin Kaludi
    Moin Kaludi

    Estimated price.?

  • Raam Perumal
    Raam Perumal

    Isnt the diesel 1.5 a bit underpowered for a car of this size?

  • Akks Akku
    Akks Akku

    Camouflaged review 😤

  • d 2
    d 2

    Is there any video or track of this bgm? It is so addictive

  • Bravin Bhaskar
    Bravin Bhaskar

    Tatbeatz Organise. 🎶

  • A a
    A a

    Hyundai. Not worth of the money.

  • Aryaraj Singh
    Aryaraj Singh

    What is that Endeavour inspired rear end

  • nilamber singh
    nilamber singh

    it needs more power and torque

  • Kunal More
    Kunal More

    What’s the background music?

  • T N C
    T N C


  • Shubham Shah
    Shubham Shah

    #Ugly design.

  • kumaon

    Only here for Renuka mam ❤️

  • Praveen Singh
    Praveen Singh

    These much of suspense 😋 Will it be so tempting in 7 seater segment

  • Rakesh Babu
    Rakesh Babu

    Namaste madam 🙏. Tq for sharing your good information. Waiting for driving Information after the formal launch. 🙏


    It could have a more aggressive engine(around 3L) or should have offered with turbo petrol. Power band under 200hp is too limited, it should go around 330hp

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar

    Can you please tell me, when mahindra new generation scorpio is going to launch in india.

  • shantanu kulkarni
    shantanu kulkarni

    Venue - Creta lite Creta Alcazar - Creta pro 😂😂😂


    Will this be available with manual version??

  • Adarsh

    Hyundai creta was not good looking when it launched... But it looks amazing to me now.

  • Rusty 2k
    Rusty 2k

    Any cod fan.. Alcatraz... 😁

  • Rusty 2k
    Rusty 2k

    Creta xl

  • Pradip

    I really don't know how come name alcazar. Al specifically famous in Gulf and cazar means wedding in Portuguese. Can't wait to see bride's face.

  • Adithya Vasudevan
    Adithya Vasudevan

    Terrible name.

  • gurudas gadekar
    gurudas gadekar

    1.5 diesel is good enough for 7 passenger ?

  • naveen p
    naveen p

    Creat no doubt it's a champion of compact SUV... But alcazar will see difficulties with their peers with like harrior and so on

  • Vineeth Vish
    Vineeth Vish

    Looks less of a SUV and more of a butch MPV.

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh

    The car looks hideous

  • Dharam Jadeja
    Dharam Jadeja


    • Autocar India
      Autocar India

      हिंदी विडियो देखने के लिए सब्सक्राइब करिए हमारे sister चैनल What Car? India को! ► infun.info/news/soPQ7UJuT7OkO3kswjuw0A.html

  • Only Truth
    Only Truth

    Car looks like painted box by kid

  • Asha Kamat
    Asha Kamat

    When it will be launched?? Please answer to my question.

  • Rahul Chand
    Rahul Chand

    For me my Creta rocks and in this price bracket I would prefer some other actual Suv ..

  • Laluna Delcatore
    Laluna Delcatore

    Gonna be like a mini teluride

  • Punarva Barthwal
    Punarva Barthwal

    Someone's going the Kushaq way for holding on to secrets.😄 Yes, we can't get confused for the rear of the Alcazar with the Creta. However, we can definitely call it a Hexa from the rear & both the sides. The front looks distinctive though.

  • Anil Gautam
    Anil Gautam

    Wawww... Great, cost effective plan by Hyundai to kill Mahindra new XUV 500 and new Safari of TATA.....

  • Vir S
    Vir S

    Creta's front is already ugly on the same platform they have now streched the car from back. The extension from c pillar again looks ugly as someone has pulled creta from its sides.the wheel base and length of car looks disproportionate.its like stretched Swift..

  • umang Gala
    umang Gala

    When petrol engine is upgraded for alcazar then why not diesel is upgraded. I think this 1.5 will be underpower power for the size of alcazar.

    • Prudhvi Raj
      Prudhvi Raj

      Bigger diesel engine will shoots up the price ..... They r targetting huge sales by keeping it accessible

  • K D
    K D

    It just the safari


    Your way of explaining is good

  • abhilash

    Is it Santa Fe with different name?

  • Vikram Viswanathan
    Vikram Viswanathan

    Hyundai designers need to attend some Online Classes conducted by Pratap Bose! ;)

  • Udit Choubey
    Udit Choubey

    Expected price?

  • Roshan R
    Roshan R

    Its interesting for us to see a 7 seat offering from Hyundai India at this price point. I reckon the Alcazar I believe is well over 4.5m in length and has wheelbase beyond 2.7 metres giving it the ride and handling one would really want, with a height of 1.6 to 1.7 metres in road manners should be rather good.

  • bleedblue420as

    Autocar’s post production team deserves appreciation 👏🏻🙌🏻

  • Satish Pawar
    Satish Pawar

    Micro alloys and tyres,Dated tail lamps from the 90s era.... no idea about the panoramic sunroof....this car is here to fail

  • kosti narain
    kosti narain

    Nice 😂🤣 bye bye safari

  • Piyush Quicker
    Piyush Quicker

    0:21 Autocar India showing the most gangsta and boss arrival music with the perfect looking car "Hyundai Alcazar". That background music is awesome like very awesome. Hats off to this music Autocar India and review was great. p.s. Can you tell me which background music that was and also is Alcazar FWD, RWD, AWD or 4WD. It does looks little like FWD or AWD.

  • Jignesh Ambasana
    Jignesh Ambasana

    Why camouflaged if a company wants to sell their car it must be final tested production car.

  • Piyush Quicker
    Piyush Quicker

    That starting music was so awesome that I played it again and again.

  • mohammed faiz
    mohammed faiz

    Tail light look like all time my fav suv in cars Ford endeavour

  • pl 3238
    pl 3238

    This will create disaster for MG hector and tata safari

  • Shejeer Rohit
    Shejeer Rohit

    Back tail and other look like Tata Hexa😍

  • Gobi Murugesan
    Gobi Murugesan

    Why companies don't do three doors?. It's very comfortable

    • Prudhvi Raj
      Prudhvi Raj

      It won't be asthetically appealing with 3 door configuration


    But diesel engine is under power for 7 seter

  • Mr Snow
    Mr Snow

    One word - UGLY

  • utkarsh bhargava
    utkarsh bhargava

    Great background music, great n scenic location, and above all Renuka ma'am's easy to understand review

  • Krishna Vamshi
    Krishna Vamshi

    Car is very good design, just awaiting for the launch, can you tell me plz, when there are launching

  • LAV

    Why cant they change the face its same as creta

  • Tech with Nipun
    Tech with Nipun

    Amazing reviews ever!! The go-to for automotive news. It's a no brainer

  • jayasurya choudary
    jayasurya choudary

    99% comments about bgm, 1% about the car

  • Tanay Chourasia
    Tanay Chourasia

    Another hideous car that will do well in India

  • Harsha Naidu
    Harsha Naidu

    Tata Safari rival 💥

  • Girish Radhakrishnan
    Girish Radhakrishnan

    *How many of you hate too many SUVs launching in Indian market, we need sedans too..*

  • RC Studio of invention
    RC Studio of invention

    Tata harrier to. Tata Safari Hyundai creta. To. Hyundai alcazar


    Car is awesome and great looking but, it has only 115 hp which is low for a 7 seater suv😔🤔

  • Charan K
    Charan K

    Competition for.....?any one

  • amit jadhav
    amit jadhav


  • Shaurya Agnihotri
    Shaurya Agnihotri

    They should have designed new alloys rather than using venue's

  • rocky143

    If they pull out an i20 pricing, it will meet the dust like its sibling...

  • Atul Bhatia
    Atul Bhatia

    Bye bye Innova!

  • Ameen Hassan
    Ameen Hassan

    Was going to buy Creta, then this teased. Cancelled booking and waiting for Alcazar

  • Prashanth Rao
    Prashanth Rao

    why such slim wheels for a big car?

  • Zeeshan Kazi
    Zeeshan Kazi

    Diesel is too underpowered for such a huge vehicle...

  • harsha okin
    harsha okin

    Oh god. That's such a beautiful rear 😭😭🙏🏼♥️ finally something away from the ugly as hell creta. I really wished they changed that cretin typa front too 🤦‍♂️

  • Shal Ritvik Sinha
    Shal Ritvik Sinha

    They should have given it the 2.0l CRDI instead of the 1.5l

  • bb singh
    bb singh

    Can't keep up with a safari.....

  • Manraj Arts
    Manraj Arts

    What are the dimensions ??? Plz tell

  • rajiv kumar
    rajiv kumar

    Why no one is doing a comparison between hector plus and safari

  • dinyar karkaria
    dinyar karkaria

    If the last seats are only good for kids, then why to waste cash .

  • Jaibir Singh
    Jaibir Singh

    Might be the weirdest looking car hyundai 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • Abishek Dharmaraj
    Abishek Dharmaraj

    Now I have to wait for bigger seltos 😂🤞🏻

  • Deepak Suresh
    Deepak Suresh

    Looks like Palisade

  • vikram rao
    vikram rao

    BGM - Tatbeats organize

  • Shikhar Maru
    Shikhar Maru

    Best review of Alcazar so far...........And car seemed bigger in this vedio...

  • sureshkumar nandakumar
    sureshkumar nandakumar

    Please ask Hyundai release Global NCAP safety Rating first before launching this car. Once we bought this model later Global NCAP published poor build quality Rating like NIOS and AURA, customers suffer a lot. We need safety NCAP Rating first, then customers can decide we can consider this model or not.

  • ബണ്ടി പെരാന്തൻ
    ബണ്ടി പെരാന്തൻ

    Rip safari

  • Sarvagya Pratap Singh
    Sarvagya Pratap Singh

    Mahindra inspired design

  • Akash Rana
    Akash Rana

    That tail doesn't tie up with the rest of the design, which is inspired from Palisade. Those tail lights look old school when compared to the rest of the vehicle. Petrol variant prices should be competitive as its naturally aspirated and is quite cheaper to make than the turbo models; though mileage would be poor in combination with that torque converter unit.