2021 BMW 6 Series GT review - 6 appeal | First Drive | Autocar India
The BMW 6 Series is fresh from an update. What's changed and what's the revised package like? Saumil Shah tells you.
Camera: Shreyans Chordia
Editor: Mohit Sharma
0:00 - Introduction
0:57 - BMW 6 Series GT 2021 styling
2:09 - BMW 6 Series GT 2021 interior
4:14 - BMW 6 Series GT 2021 air suspension
5:04 - BMW 630i performance
6:59 - BMW 6 Series GT 2021 handling
7:25 - BMW 630i M Sport features
8:18 - BMW 6 Series GT 2021 price and verdict
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  • Yash Sonar
    Yash Sonar

    NH 348

  • Shambhu Rathore
    Shambhu Rathore

    So good looking car. Love this car

  • Sanders Col
    Sanders Col

    Dunno... I just don't feel like knowing about the gasoline based cars...


    This same no car is published on today The Hindu newspaper on page 11

  • megnik

    How much ground clearance

  • Stygian

    underrated car tbh

  • hari baskar
    hari baskar

    What is the price

  • Камал Салбиев
    Камал Салбиев

    Hello from Russia

  • Farouq Dakhway
    Farouq Dakhway

    At least straight 6 is expected 🙄

  • Tarun Yadav
    Tarun Yadav

    I love this car but not more than x7

  • Roshan Srinivas
    Roshan Srinivas

    It does look like the perfect upgrade for a 5 Series until you look at the power. 400NM is too less. Was expecting atleast 350HP and 600NM, that would have been perfect.

  • Shyamsundar shankar
    Shyamsundar shankar

    My Dream Car ..my day is not so far...I am crazy' of this product 👍👍👍

  • Vinay Muley
    Vinay Muley

    All descriptions given narrate that old people will buy a M car 250 hp is a joke

  • Valentin Pănulescu
    Valentin Pănulescu

    That's not a 6 series, it's a van. The 6 series is the 8 series now.

  • tikina Malick
    tikina Malick

    Nice video ❤️❤️❤️

  • Dilshad

    How beautiful😍 it is if you're driving enthusiast go for it

  • Lars Dukart
    Lars Dukart

    My dad has a 6 series GT and I can just say it’s so comfortable, best car I’ve ever driven :)

  • harmeshkaushal97

    Height is good

  • Dawood A
    Dawood A

    WOW!!! So many features and costs way less than E class... stylish yet practical... my choice is BMW And @Saumilshah28 your reviews are getting better and better... good work on the car review. Each and every aspect is covered, recap perfectly!!!! Keep it up

  • proud indian
    proud indian

    Looks like honda city from behind

  • Abhiraj Chavhan
    Abhiraj Chavhan

    Doesn't have connected car feature? ☹️

  • Sampath's Diary
    Sampath's Diary

    It's 2021 and we still don't get ventilated seats!!

  • Sivasai Krishnaprasad
    Sivasai Krishnaprasad

    630d costs 10 lakh more than 630i. wonder if it offers any extra features for the money apart from the engine

  • S Kar
    S Kar

    Needs 20inch wheels

  • Gaming with Gunroop
    Gaming with Gunroop

    My close relative has one and one thing i must tell you It feels like the car is in air no honking noise and ultra smooth

  • Kanchanapally Rajkumar
    Kanchanapally Rajkumar

    Ultimate driving machine

  • Largest Kashung
    Largest Kashung

    One of the most ugly car...i seriously didnt like the design...looks very unproportionate.

  • uday pilot
    uday pilot

    Mercedes must seriously think about it

  • Shuhaib Rahman
    Shuhaib Rahman

    Old 6 was a gem to eyes..

  • Sagar Jadhav
    Sagar Jadhav

    Panvel ❤️

  • Viraj Dave
    Viraj Dave

    Thats tire profile is giving me anxiety

  • Prince singh Gautam
    Prince singh Gautam


  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen

    Damn the car looks good! But I wish they kept the round DRLs. They were so iconic

  • chocolate boy
    chocolate boy

    When they are going to release new 3 series gt....

  • Shubham07

    Best part is spoiler 😁

  • akshaya audi
    akshaya audi

    This car is lit 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • kosti narain
    kosti narain

    Seems great value compared to the e-class

  • Shubhrat Dhopey
    Shubhrat Dhopey

    4k videos will do more justice to the best automotive reviews in Indian car industry. Hopefully Autocar India will go 4k soon.

  • Andy Roy
    Andy Roy

    Please make a comparison video of Lamborghini Urus vs Audi RS Q8..🙏


    Awesome car

  • Vedant Nagare
    Vedant Nagare

    Dream Car ❤️👍🔥🔥

  • Kshitij Verma
    Kshitij Verma

    Awesome! Triber is the shoot car for this review.

  • Davidz Kitchen Tips
    Davidz Kitchen Tips

    Good balance of sporty drive, comfort, features and not so steeply priced !!

  • Abrar Lampard
    Abrar Lampard

    Since the launch, the GT s have been winners. All of em!

  • Abhijit Marfatia
    Abhijit Marfatia

    Beautiful car i like it a lot

  • Vaibhav Ingole
    Vaibhav Ingole

    I would love to see the comparison between the BMW 6 Series GT Vs the Mercedes Benz E-Class LWB 2021. I am considering buying one of these..!

    • Its_EVANDER

      BMW 6 gt🥂 is what I vote for

  • Ravi Kant Verma
    Ravi Kant Verma

    skoda vrs is a good option but no air suspension

  • Shubham's VG
    Shubham's VG

    BMW is always THE BEST car maker !!!!!!

  • Arko Sarkar
    Arko Sarkar

    Should come out of harman kardon speakers.

  • Rajesh Dixit
    Rajesh Dixit

    Better than the e class


    Such a beautiful car wow ❤️ BMW design team nice work

  • Nitesh Mohite
    Nitesh Mohite

    A video on Top Specs comparison with E class..

  • Abhijeet Bhargava
    Abhijeet Bhargava

    What a stunner of a car!!! Absolutely spot on review. Awesome!!!

  • Shiyam Mosies
    Shiyam Mosies

    Still, no ventilated seated. while even Hyundai Verna and Kia Seltos gets it.

  • Lift Reals
    Lift Reals

    After spending 60-70 lakhs on e-class you don't Get killer looks

  • ntn Eswara
    ntn Eswara

    Diesel engine avilable ?????

  • Prabhu Shankar
    Prabhu Shankar

    Might be a really good car, but I would prefer an SUV like the GLE or GLC for touring and road trips. It’s always better to have an SUV cuz it’s prepared to handle any situation. Sedans are not practical for Indian roads

  • Abhishek G
    Abhishek G

    Looks like Maruti Ciaz from behind :D


    I came to know about the 6 SERIES GT in 2020 & now it's my dream❤️

  • Avinash

    I'm so in love with this style at this price point.... i wonder why more people dont buy this beauty.....in 5 yrs when i save enough to buy it i'm afraid they may discontinue it in india

  • Venom

    They should've updated the dash too

  • Sagar Mathers
    Sagar Mathers

    Ohh love that high beam..makes everyone else on the road blind 😐

  • Yogesh Gode
    Yogesh Gode

    No Sphere Wheel ,agin bmw model , not suitable on indain road ,Runflat tyres r big headache for Indian customers

  • Yash Jadhav
    Yash Jadhav

    My dream car

  • danish shams
    danish shams


  • Немезида & TMKOC
    Немезида & TMKOC

    rear tail lights should have been like thenew 4 series or even the 8series

  • Немезида & TMKOC
    Немезида & TMKOC

    6 appeal 🌚🌚

  • Rakshath Naik
    Rakshath Naik

    Can anyone tell me how many ferrari sf90 stradale and f8 tributo are there in india?

  • Rylanislive YT
    Rylanislive YT

    I was waiting for this♥️

  • MR Hits
    MR Hits

    We want 3 series gt❤️

  • Leela Krishnan
    Leela Krishnan

    Thank You 😊

  • Mr. First
    Mr. First

    My dream car ..

  • Aadit Goyal
    Aadit Goyal

    Ohh my gawdd!!

  • AQ Vlogs
    AQ Vlogs

    Awesome 😍😍😍

  • ബണ്ടി പെരാന്തൻ
    ബണ്ടി പെരാന്തൻ

    When new m5?

  • Marvel C
    Marvel C

    It needs the 340i's 6 cylinder engine

  • Sarthak Yadav
    Sarthak Yadav

    I’ll still say if u want to be driven u should get a e class bt if u want to drive get a bmw

  • AllAboutEverything OnInternet
    AllAboutEverything OnInternet

    ❤️ My dream car ❤️

  • gugunanak134

    People rarely go for 6 series

  • Harsh Rohatgi
    Harsh Rohatgi

    iam in love with this car

  • Pranasik Chatterjee
    Pranasik Chatterjee

    This car is one of BMW's bestttt...!! 💫

  • Shubham07

    As soon as the video came , now the 6 series is also back in the bmw website

  • Shubham07

    Let's gooo ❤️ my fav car finally 2021 bmw came to india

  • Chandrachur Niyogi
    Chandrachur Niyogi

    only if BMW made a proper 4-Dr Sedan variant of the 6-Series!!! the 630i M-Sport seriously needs the Alpina 20.0 in. multi spoke machined magnesium alloy wheels shod with 255/50 R20 Michelin Sport3 all season radial tyres (both front & rear)!!!

  • Chitransh Yadav
    Chitransh Yadav

    Now I became a fan of 6 series gt line 😁😁

  • Vignesh Waran
    Vignesh Waran

    My fav

  • Sharmila Rakshit Datta
    Sharmila Rakshit Datta

    The sheer amount of features this car packs...u don't even get a 360 camera in e class even after spending 73 lacs

    • Praneet P M
      Praneet P M

      No bro this is base varient after this u have 620d luxury line the top spec is the 630d msport..

    • Ayush Kishan
      Ayush Kishan

      U will get 360 camer in alcazar Atleast

    • The Sandman
      The Sandman

      That’s because this is the msport version.. which is much expensive compared to the e class that does not offer a 360 degrees camera..

    • Deerghayu Phukan
      Deerghayu Phukan

      Even some car's costing over a crore doesn't get cooled seats.

    • Rakshith karanam
      Rakshith karanam

      Thats why bmw forever his

  • Dennis

    Less power for its price

  • Ashish Lokhande
    Ashish Lokhande

    Stunning car 🤩😍

  • ishan chauhan
    ishan chauhan

    No wonder why its the most practical car ever comfort , drive and the frameless doors, just wow 🔥💯

  • Kingsly Wilson
    Kingsly Wilson

    Thank you so much Autocar! I’ve been waiting for this review since January. As usual superb review! Love from Chicago

  • Naeem Sayyad
    Naeem Sayyad

    5 series seems more classy and modern imo

  • Sabūr Ali Khan
    Sabūr Ali Khan


  • Lone wolf HCR2
    Lone wolf HCR2

    Headlamps look a bit like Chevrolet cruze's headlight. But none the less it looks dope🔥


    wow this justifies its price

  • s ramanujam
    s ramanujam

    What is its turning radius ?

  • Destruction Kingdom
    Destruction Kingdom

    thank god they did not put a massive grill on this

  • Rajeev Batra
    Rajeev Batra

    Scenic backgrounds ,, What locations you did the shoot !!

    • Sunny Lamba
      Sunny Lamba

      It has been shot at newly built 8 lane JNPT highway near Panvel and Kalamboli.

    • prokraft

      I think this is near panvel.

  • Saad's stuff
    Saad's stuff

    So good looking

  • Sourav Choudhary
    Sourav Choudhary

    I like the small spoiler on the tail gate👍👍👌👌