2021 Audi S5 Sportback review - Famous 5 | First Drive | Autocar India
The sexy Audi S5 Sportback is back with styling tweaks and more features. Gavin d'Souza gets behind the wheel of a very blue S5.
Cameraperson: Mohammed Farhan
Producer: Pratik Tyagi
Editor: Mohit Sharma
0:00 - Introduction
1:10 - Audi S5 Sportback 2021 facelift
2:29 - Audi S5 Sportback 2021 interior
4:57 - Audi S5 Sportback 2021 features
5:38 - Audi S5 Sportback 2021 performance
7:12 - Audi S5 Sportback 2021 exhaust
7:35 - Audi S5 Sportback 2021 0-100kph
8:41 - Audi S5 Sportback 2021 gearbox
9:17 - Audi S5 Sportback 2021 handling
10:56 - Audi S5 Sportback price and verdict
#GoProIndia #GoProHero9Black #Audi
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  • all seeing eyes
    all seeing eyes

    Petrol price. 91.19 Kochi

  • Touzeen Hussain
    Touzeen Hussain

    No CBU is worth it.

  • Harsh Jain
    Harsh Jain

    I am in love with the looks of this beast

  • Prateek Chopra
    Prateek Chopra

    i will go for the octavia WRS

  • D Classic Decor
    D Classic Decor

    Gavin 🔥🔥🔥. Best of the best

  • Sai Soujanya Munukoti
    Sai Soujanya Munukoti

    Sporty colour

  • rohit upadhyay
    rohit upadhyay

    Interiors should have been upgraded like other bigger audi models , though having high quality materials the layout seems a bit dated to my liking.

  • Krishna Vamshi
    Krishna Vamshi

    Hi Gavin sir, looking after long time review, with my favorite Audi car, thanks u so much brother

  • Tushar Chavan
    Tushar Chavan

    Gavin rocks.....

  • Enlightened Pikachu
    Enlightened Pikachu

    It looks great

  • Devansh Bansal
    Devansh Bansal

    These stunning looks are alone worth whole money 💰 . Loved it , gotta buy one

  • Meave Larson
    Meave Larson

    M 340i got more 🐎

  • vivek gopinathan
    vivek gopinathan

    Gavin is great & s5 is reasonably fast

  • Toshimenba Ao
    Toshimenba Ao

    Will y'all get this over an M340i? 🤔

  • Ghost robo
    Ghost robo

    Sports cars here Autocar india: Time to call Gavin

  • Anant Chahal
    Anant Chahal

    A great review The price seems to be quite high for the Indian market

  • Adarsh Bhavsar
    Adarsh Bhavsar

    Will we get the Golf R, because its rocket fast. Goes 0-100 in just 4.0 second 🔥🔥

  • 180.014 Akash Gupta
    180.014 Akash Gupta

    7:40 how did you guys took that shot😮👌👏

    • Mayur Naik
      Mayur Naik

      it was risky

  • Arshad Shaikh
    Arshad Shaikh

    Audi s5 sportback.Bmw and merc good bye.

  • Shrey Patel
    Shrey Patel

    Yes this Audi is best among it’s rivals and Audi is just perfect and the sharp looks are awesome

  • James

    a comparison would make it just awsm


    Very good vehicle. #AudiS5Sportback


    just epic

  • Ajinkya R. Waghmare
    Ajinkya R. Waghmare

    Gavin you were missed 😃

  • Sarath Chandran
    Sarath Chandran

    BMW m340i anyday

  • Yash Singla
    Yash Singla

    All the performance car reviews should be done by him

  • Tanishq Chaudhary
    Tanishq Chaudhary

    Front look is not too good

  • Piston Jockey
    Piston Jockey

    BMW any day!!!

    • Adarsh Bhavsar
      Adarsh Bhavsar


  • Nikhil Raynor
    Nikhil Raynor

    Not a fan of Audi S5 but a fan of Gavin

  • Karthik Sridhar
    Karthik Sridhar

    Wait my neighbor has this car right now. Are you my neighbor, Gavin?

  • nani navtej
    nani navtej

    Hey Gavin.....after long time ⌛

  • keshav kannan
    keshav kannan

    Literally such a great review

  • Aishwary Kumar Tiwari
    Aishwary Kumar Tiwari

    Gavin is back

  • Souvik Saha
    Souvik Saha

    Costliest among the segment

  • AP Dhruv
    AP Dhruv

    Tbh I am an audi fanboy But I would chose the C43 AMG 4MATIC just because of looks

  • Sagar Sivan
    Sagar Sivan


  • Vinod Kumar
    Vinod Kumar

    I am a great fan of audi

  • Toshimenba Ao
    Toshimenba Ao

    Audi also lets you option it with a black package, option the S5 with that and a black paintjob and it'll look🔥

  • BongTek

    BMW M340i is the one to go over this.

    • Memo Aragon
      Memo Aragon

      I still prefer audi. But the audi R will destroy bmw etc

  • Toshimenba Ao
    Toshimenba Ao

    The reviews are just not the same without Gavin,great to see you after a long time brother🙌🏻

  • Aadit Goyal
    Aadit Goyal

    The 340i is much better value and better performer too!!

    • prabha haran
      prabha haran

      AMG a35 also

  • Elroy V Joy
    Elroy V Joy

    Superb review ❤️

  • Aryan Dubey
    Aryan Dubey


  • Ashwin T.
    Ashwin T.

    Ohh. Gavin. You get to drive all the lovely cars. U lucky boy !

  • Linga Moorthy
    Linga Moorthy

    Wow luxury car in the morning drive 😍😍😍

  • Sumanyu Chaudhary
    Sumanyu Chaudhary

    7:40 nice shot

  • Dipak Kuchhadiya
    Dipak Kuchhadiya

    I like it 👌🏻

  • Shivam Kamdi
    Shivam Kamdi

    Sexy looking car🔥

  • Lucifer28073

    Gavin reviewing Audi cars is one of the most pleasing things to watch on Autocar ❤️ prove me wrong

  • Adrito B
    Adrito B

    Best looking in it's class!

  • Yashodhan Goenka
    Yashodhan Goenka

    This looks really special as compared to the merc and the bmw which look like their regular variants.

    • Toshimenba Ao
      Toshimenba Ao



    Full black will look awsome

  • Garv Rajput
    Garv Rajput

    Finally! A new review by Gavin 🙃👀

  • 130 Thanigai vel
    130 Thanigai vel

    Nice review gavin💯💯

  • GODZILLA Gaming
    GODZILLA Gaming

    just wating for S4 lauch do you know any information about it . 🙄

  • Jyotsna Bajpai Bajpai
    Jyotsna Bajpai Bajpai

    I would choose BMW M4 Competition because of their new big grill and complete new design

  • Shashwat Varma
    Shashwat Varma

    comparison video with bmw m340i

  • Navneet

    honestly, its a gorgeous car and fast af but its a bit on the pricey side. If i had chance i will take the s5 tho

  • 36 Harsh Goswami
    36 Harsh Goswami

    Looks awesome compared to mercedes but I think BMW wins race in all three

  • Naman Shroff
    Naman Shroff

    Yaaayyyy.....Gavin D'Souza after so many dayss!!!

    • Smooth Interceptor
      Smooth Interceptor

      Gavin is best

  • Bhavesh Patil
    Bhavesh Patil

    Audi Audi has been done nice work 👍🏻love it's performance and the Colour is Also attractive🔥🔥🔥

  • Rudin Pattiam
    Rudin Pattiam


  • Balistic AB
    Balistic AB

    This car is absolutely amazing,my favourite in the segment since it’s last gen came out.....stunning design,amazing drive,and decent comfort,I am looking forward to buy an Old S5(The pre facelift)....

    • Saheb Seth Seth
      Saheb Seth Seth

      Trust me you’ll be better off with the B8.5 Supercharged S5

  • anjali bafna
    anjali bafna

    I am first one here what a car.....😍😍😍

  • Baby Racer
    Baby Racer

    I'd pick it over the rivals.

  • Sidhant Mishra
    Sidhant Mishra


  • Leela Krishnan
    Leela Krishnan

    Yes Yes Yes 😂😂😂

    • Leela Krishnan
      Leela Krishnan

      Expecting S8 Or An W12 For Indian Market Long Long Back 😀😀😀

    • Leela Krishnan
      Leela Krishnan

      The One And Only Beautiful Car So Far 😂😂

    • Leela Krishnan
      Leela Krishnan

      Audi For All Of Us 😂😂😂😂😂


    Audi ⭕⭕⭕⭕ 👌👍


    Oh what a beast on the inside and beauty on the outside.. One of my dream cars

    • Memo Aragon
      Memo Aragon

      Not a dream. It about 59 000. We can manage that

  • Dhanajit Mushahary
    Dhanajit Mushahary

    colour is also too good👌

  • Sanket Gaikwad
    Sanket Gaikwad



    First not Gavin this time



    • Gavin DSouza
      Gavin DSouza

      Haha, I missed my chance this time! :)

  • Syed M Yahya
    Syed M Yahya

    Love it! Great review 👌

  • Jagan Guruswamy
    Jagan Guruswamy

    Just now booked this car in Audi Madurai

    • Toshimenba Ao
      Toshimenba Ao

      @Adi NK he has been commenting"my car" on Ferrari reviews,on G Wagen reviews and many more😂 probably owns an Activa

    • Khaleel Kopa
      Khaleel Kopa


    • Adi NK
      Adi NK

      You have been saying the same thing in quite a lot of reviews You're either really quite wealthy or just downright lying for attention

    • Ranjith Kumar
      Ranjith Kumar

      Bro on road price in madurai howmuch? I am also planning to buy this beast..

  • jihu jagan
    jihu jagan

    First comment wow❤️

  • Vikramaditya Singh
    Vikramaditya Singh

    Am first 😌